#OnTheMove offers a dynamic programme divided on 3 modules running from October to May.

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The Foundation module is open to children aged between 4 and 6 years old whilst the Participation module is open to children aged between 7 and 10 years and the Performance module is open to children aged between 9 years and 16 years. Activities for these modules are mainly held on a Saturday mornings and adults are also invited to support their children and join in the fun by taking part in the adult activity class held concurrently with the children’s activity.

The Foundation module covers the development of movement and literacy. This programme is concerned with ensuring that all children learn basic movement skills, enjoy being active and develop knowledge and understanding of their bodies and how they move following a specific syllabus based on: ABCs (agility, balance, coordination and speed), Educational gymnastics, dance and fitness, Swimming and Athletics. As a result of this programme children should then be sufficiently motivated and ‘movement literate’ to participate in specific sports and start developing their sports performance.

The Participation module provides a variety of sport activities making sport more accessible. The key role in this programme is to introduce children to a broad range of activities so that they are sufficiently proficient and knowledgeable to have the confidence and competence to make the choice to take up a sport. Our programmes also ensure to bridge the gap between the Participation and Performance Programmes.

The Performance module strives towards improving standards once youngsters have undergone (ideally) both stages and are in a position to choose their sport discipline. #OnTheMove has been giving this opportunity to youngsters between the 11 to 16 age group, however this is now being extended to children from 9 years of age who have undergone the foundation and participation programmes and now would like the option to choose a particular sport with the desired outcome being that of retaining and attracting more children at this age band (9 to 10 years old). Youngsters can choose a sport from an extensive list and learn the skills, tactics and rules of that sport. Sport Associations and Clubs partner with SportMalta in the provision of training for most of the sports.

Swimming sessions are also available. Lesson objectives are specifically related to the age and ability of the participants. For beginners, these include increasing confidence in water, learning how to float without floatation devices, and enjoy water safely. More advanced courses aimed at teaching and improving the stroke technique for each of the four strokes are also being planned.

The Adult Programme is designed to encourage parents, especially, but also the general public to take up an activity at least once weekly. Our programme is flexible enough to embrace all abilities, from the very beginner to the most veteran and trained athlete.