In its strive to instigate a sport culture, SportMalta endeavours to develop and implement sport programmes targeting all members of the Maltese community. Sport is viewed as an important contributor to the health and well-being of the population. It is not only a powerful means of promoting health, but also a means of building social capital and related benefits, including education, youth development, social inclusion, crime prevention and economic development. Also, participation in sport and physical activity can also promote social integration and gender equity.

SportMalta offers a variety of programmes aimed at increasing the levels of participation in sport and physical activity of the Maltese people of all ages, abilities and needs both during the week, including before, during and after school hours, and on weekends. Besides the immediate benefits, there is evidence that active children are more likely to become active adults. SportMalta aims to increase the number of participants of all age-groups of the population by providing age-specific sports programmes.

Moreover, SportMalta also strives to target other sectors and make physical activity and sport more accessible to minority groups or sectors of the population who have less opportunities. Age and ability will not be a barrier to participation in these programmes. SportMalta aims to give every citizen the opportunity to be active irrespective of age, ability or gender. All sessions are held at well maintained venues by qualified coaching staff. In order to ensure that the participants receive the attention they deserve, coaching ratios are kept low. The element of fun is also fundamental in all sport programmes. All programmes are delivered according to syllabi which are designed specifically for every respective age-group, sport and physical activity.

Programmes are subsidised directly by SportMalta in its commitment to increase participation in sports although there exists also commercial partners who help in allocating the financial burden of such programmes. SportMalta has committed itself to work on the quality of the programmes offered whilst designing new ones wherever possible.

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