The Regional Sports Complex l/o Kirkop is built on the same lines as the Cottonera Sports Complex but on a smaller scale. The complex covers an area of 5,000 square meters.

It includes a gym, changing rooms and showers, a conference hall, administrative offices and a car park, making way for the practicing of various sport disciplines including athletics, badminton, football, basketball, netball, shooting simulation and volleyball. The Kirkop complex also boasts of outdoor facilities including a football ground and an athletics track. These are also used by the school chlidren, the Athletics Academy and the now famous walking and Jogging club.

MAIN HALL – The main hall is used for Netball, Futsal and Badminton. The various Sports Associations make use of this main hall, which has a 30m by 40m rubbersied flooring.

MULTI-PURPOSE HALL 1 – The multi-purpose Hall 1 accomodates the shooting simulator and also SkolaSport Karate. In the multi-purpose hall 1 there is also a sound system which complements this new area. The total area comprises of 16.5m by 7.3m. The area has ceramic flooring, the area for the shooting simulator is carpeted while for other activities in the area special mats can be laid out for different activities.

MULTI-PURPOSE HALL 2 – The Multi-Purpose Hall 2 is used for Aerobics, Circuit Training and Hip-Hop. It is an excellent hall having covered walls with mirrors to enable participants enjoy the experience to the full. It is very ideal to organise dance classes. The total area is of 23m by 9.3m. The area has ceramic flooring, it can also be covered by special mats to do different activities including Aerobics.

MULTI-PURPOSE HALL 3 – The multi-purpose Hall 3 is used for Judo and gymnastics. Well equipped for these type of activities it offers a safe environment for such sports. The total area comprises of 23.8m by 15m. The area has a rubber flooring making it very ideal for certain sports. It can also be used for other sports requiring mats.

St. Benedict’s Boy College students avail themselves of Complex facilities during school hours especially for physical education lessons.

After school hours the Complex services the needs of a number of sports organisations.

SportMalta is responsible for the administration of this facility. The complex is the second of its kind in Malta and will see to the needs of the residents and students of schools in the area as well as sports organisations. The complex may be used for Sports Tourism purposes especially for training camps. It has plenty of natural lighting and well ventilated for hygiene purposes.


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