SportMalta is responsible for the administration of four main sports facilities in Malta. The continuous use of these facilities makes this administration a very challenging and onerous task. When one considers that these facilities are used for the main sport leagues on national level (except football), it is quite clear that these need to be kept and maintained to the highest possible standards.

Programmes offered by SportMalta are mainly delivered at the facilities run by SportMalta, i.e. Marsa Sports Complex, Tal-Qroqq Sports Complex, Kirkop Sports Complex (San Benedittu—after school hours), and Cottonera Sports Complex. These facilities are used exclusively for SportMaltaprogrammes throughout the week as well as weekends, with occasional exceptions when an international tournament is held. These exceptions are kept to a minimum to minimise disruption to SportMaltaprogrammes.

A number of school facilities, mainly those at Santa Klara, San Injazju and Santa Margerita are also used. SportMalta is also collaborating with the education authorities and the Ministry for Gozo to ensure fuller use of the various government sports facilities including the sports facilities in Government schools after school hours; this has increased the availability of venues which will facilitate the introduction of new sport programmes. Other facilities run by Associations and Clubs are also used to host some of the programmes. This ensures that all programmes are delivered at the best facilities.

SportMalta envisages the maximum use of all public sports facilities in Malta, including those which are government-owned.

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