These are our next initiatives for the NowWeMOVE events. Stay tuned to this page for more updates.

No Elevator’s Day – 27th April

SportMalta participated in No Elevators Day, yesterday on Wednesday 26th April 2017, a European initiative which is part of NowWeMOVE campaign initiated by International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA).

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National Pool Open Day – 1st May

For the third consecutive year SportMalta, organized an ‘Open Day’ at the National Pool Sports Complex on Monday 1st May 2017.

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Move Week

MOVE Week is an annual Europe-wide event and an integral part of the NowWeMOVE campaign.

The objective of MOVE Week is to promote the benefits of being active and participating regularly in sport and physical activity throughout Europe. A wide range of promoters of physical activity (who we call MOVE Agents) coordinate events, including existing and new physical activities, for MOVE Week. MOVE Week and the NowWeMOVE campaign are being coordinated centrally by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) in collaboration with the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF). MOVE Week 2014 is financially supported by the European Union.

MOVE Agents are the stars of MOVE Week. They make MOVE Week happen. A MOVE Agent can be a grassroots sport organisation, club, school, university, voluntary group, company, municipality/city or individual who organises a sport and physical activity event for MOVE Week. It is the MOVE Agent’s job to choose their event type and location, register it on the portal at, gather the team they need to implement it, promote it in their communities and oversee it when it unfolds on the day(s). A MOVE Agent is a voluntary position, but ISCA and the National Coordinators in each country can give them advice on how to seek funding and support for their events. Toolkits, posters, flyers, banners and other promotional materials are also available to help MOVE Agents plan, gather support for, promote and stage their events.

SportMalta is the national coordinating body responsible for the Move Week. Follow this space for more information on the events happening in Malta for the Move Week.