The new scheme shall focus more on flexibility between work and training requirements of the applicant.
The scheme is only applicable to individual athletes with forthcoming fully approvedinternational sport commitments, in their personal capacity, at the top national level and/or with great promise in their sport and with a great possibility of representing Malta in fully approved international commitments in the near future.
The scheme shall be operational on a yearly basis (from January to December) and therefore, applications will not be received mid-year. Applications shall only be accepted when a letter circular is issued by SPORTMALTA to National Sports Organisations. The capping for this scheme shall be that of €10,000 per annum per athlete.
Procedure, Period of Coverage

1. The application shall be submitted by national athletes / athletes with national potential directly to SPORTMALTA. The application shall have detail including an annual training schedule of the athlete, endorsement by the employer of the athlete and all the documentation required as per section below and the application itself.

2. SPORTMALTA shall assess all the applications received and the applicants shall be asked to sit for an interview.

3. The National Sports Organisation shall be asked for its recommendations in relation to the applicant’s performance and potential and the said recommendations shall be taken into consideration by SPORTMALTA.

4. SPORTMALTA shall rank the athletes in accordance with the interview results and decide on whether to grant the amount of hours requested by the applicant per week or any other amount it deems adequate.

5. SPORTMALTAshall forward its recommendations to the Permanent Secretary responsible for sportwho shall approve or reject the recommendations.

6. Following confirmation of approval by the Permanent Secretary, the said rankings shall be published on SPORTMALTA website.

7. Once the rankings are published, the approved athletes shall be required to sign an agreement. Failure to sign the aforementioned agreement shall result in the forfeiture of the grant. Separate agreements shall also be signed by the coach, the national sports organisation and the employer. All agreements must reach SPORTMALTA within 30 days from publication of results and failure to do so, may result in the fofeiture of the grant.

8. Once the athlete is successful with his application, the NSO shall be expected to provide SPORTMALTA with:
a) full profile of the athlete;
b) a medical and blood test result;
c) confirmation that the employee/athlete has been selected for the national selection in preparation for events which are organised, approved or recognised by the respective official International Sports Organisation as per SPORTMALTA approved list (where applicable);
d) proposed training schedule.
9. The athletes’ training leave should be approved for a period of not more than twelve (12) calendar months which may be extended by further periods of twelve (12) calendar months through the submission of an application when SPORTMALTA issues a call for applications to this effect.

10. Once the athlete is accepted to form part and has commenced making use of the Scheme, the the Employer shall have the right to do random spot checks during the training programme and request, and be immediately provided with, any other information (on the athlete and relating to the Scheme) deemed relevant.

11. SPORTMALTA, shall have the right to:

a) to do random spot checks during the training programme;
b) to request, and be immediately provided with, medical/fitness tests to certify that the athlete is of an acceptable level of fitness appropriate for his/her sport and according to the set training programme;
c) to request, and be immediately provided with, any other information (on the athlete and relating to the Scheme) deemed relevant.

12. SPORTMALTA may furthermore, monitor the athlete’s training and require regular meetings with the athlete and coach.

13. The NSO representing the sport which the athlete practices shall be:
a) registered with SPORTMALTA;
b) affiliated to or recognised by the respective International Sport Organization.

14. If the application request for the Scheme is accepted, the NSO has to sign an undertaking, with SPORTMALTA, that it will;

a) provideSPORTMALTA, by not later than the 21st day of the previous month, with detailed schedules, endorsed also by the coach, of the training sessions commencing from the first day of the following month, namely;
i. a detailed time schedule of the training programme;
ii. details of the coaches involved in the training;
iii. details of the training facilities to be used by the athlete;
iv. details of the content of training;
v. details of competitions (locally or abroad) during the following month.
b) provideSPORTMALTA, within seven (7) days of the following month, a monthly written report, signed by both the athlete and the coach, listing the proceedings of the past month’s training scheme, the progress made and the details of attendance, of the employee/athlete, for each training session.
c) be fully and totally responsible for the fitness level and medical condition of the athlete all throughout the Scheme;
d) be fully and totally responsible for the total actuation and supervision of the training programme within the Scheme;
e) immediately inform SPORTMALTA and the relative head of department should the athlete be dropped from the national selection plans;
f) inform SPORTMALTA should the athlete face any injury and/or illness;
g) acknowledge the fact that the athlete is sponsored by the government through the Scheme;
h) acknowledgeSPORTMALTA as the NSO’s partner and will include the latest SPORTMALTA logo in all its communication material.

15. The coach, entrusted by the NSO, forming part of the Scheme should:
a) register with SPORTMALTA;
b) provide a contact telephone number (always on during training hours under the Scheme for quick and easy contact if the need arises;
c) be entrusted with the planning and supervision of the employee/athlete during the Scheme;
d) sign an undertaking with SPORTMALTA, through the NSO, that he will supervise the training programmes in total correctness and responsibility.

16. The athlete shall undertake to:
a) abide with the Code of Sport Ethics
b) make no use of illegal substances and/or performance enhancing drugs and/or other doping methods;
c) undertake any doping tests and update the ADAMS system thereby keeping NADO informed of his/her whereabouts (and submit other information, which includes but is not limited to details on the athlete residence, training venues and times, competition schedule, holiday arrangements etc. as well as a 60-minute time slot between 6am and 11pm where they can be located for testing) as required by NADO;
d) immediately provide a contact telephone number for quick and easy contact if the need arises;
e) be available, at all times, to be used by SPORTMALTA and/or the government for sport promotion purposes;
f) wear SPORTMALTA Scheme uniform for activities, when so requested by SPORTMALTA,
g) immediately inform SPORTMALTA when s/he is sick and is making use of his/her entitled sick leave;
h) will return back immediately to work with his employer:
i. in cases of injury, unless covered with a medical certificate;
ii. if dropped from the national selection;
iii. when not reporting for training;
iv. when not fit for training.

17. Instances where the athlete is found guilty of:
a) Unjustified absence for a training session;
b) Illegal doping;
c) Misbehaviour;
d) Lack of respect towards his supervisor/s;
e) Any flagrant action and be suspended indefinitely in his sport capacity;
f) Any other action deemed to be serious in nature;

shall lead to an immediate termination of the agreement.

18. Further to the above paragraph, if in default, through a doping offence / the use of illicit substances and/or drugs, the athlete has to reimburse the government of Malta for all the training hours, allocated to the said athlete, until found guilty of such offence.
Documentation required upon application:
1. Application form and all required documentation.
2. Applicants are to present an Annual Training Programme, employment details, approval by respective employer or HR as the case may be, Police conduct, together with all the details required in the application form.
3. Detailed monthly training programmes.
4. Payslips issued by employer.
5. An agreement is to be signed by the following:
a. Applicant,
b. Coach,
c. National Sports Association,
d. Employer.

The deadline for applications shall be 30th June 2018.