Grants Related to Capital Expenditure Incurred by Officially Recognised Sport Organisations in the Sport Facilities 

The Government believes that sport is really fundamental in order to have a more physically fit nation. Sportmalta is therefore introducing this scheme previously open under the remit of the Ministry of Finance such that officially recognised sport organisations, that do not carry out their activities for scope of profit, are given grants with regards to capital expenditure incurred in the sport facilities.


  1. Interpretation

In this scheme, unless the context otherwise requires:

‘applicant’ means a resident in Malta, who is 18 years or over on the date of application, and who is officially recognised as representing the Maltese sport organisation, on whose behalf such a person is applying for the grant.

‘effective date’ means 1st January 2017;

‘sport facility’ means any sport facility in Malta which involves an expenditure of a capital nature, such as the building/installation of a swimming pool, gymnasium, football, hockey and rugby grounds, installation of a sports track; installation of turf and/or installation of artificial lights on an already existing ground on an already existing ground.

However, sport equipment and maintenance works are excluded.

Sport facilities wherein sport activities of a professional nature are performed are excluded from this interpretation;

‘sport organisation’ means a bona fide Maltese sport body that is registered with the Sportmalta under the provisions of the Sport’s Act (Cap. 455), and which body does not carry out its activities for the scope of profit;

‘Malta’ means the Maltese Islands;

‘fiscal receipt’ means a receipt as defined in the Thirteenth Schedule to the Value Added Tax Act (Cap. 406), as subsequently amended, and also includes any regulation made by the same Act;

‘expenditure of a capital nature’ means the total final costs, including VAT, involved in the expenditure of a capital nature incurred by a sport organisation on the sport facilities.

  1. Area of applicability

This scheme relates to the expenditure of a capital nature incurred by a sport organisation and which relative capital works are carried out from the effective date onwards during the duration of the scheme. A sport organisation is only entitled to a once-only grant related to a project at the same sport facility.

  1. Expenditure to be reported

The expenditure to be reported is in respect of the expenditure of a capital nature as defined in paragraph one (1) above.

  1. Manner of application and supporting documents required:

(i) Applications under this scheme are to be made on the form set out in the schedule to this scheme and to contain all the information, details and documents as required in the said form and in terms of this scheme. Applications involving cases directly related to the same project in the same sport facility wherein more than one sport organisation could apply for the grant must be submitted

(ii) The following documents are to be submitted at application stage:

(a) a copy of the Identity Card of the applicant or, in the absence of an Identity Card, any other official document;

(b) an official document issued by the sport organization authorising the applicant to apply on behalf of that sport organisation;

(c) A detailed bills of quantities certified by an architect.

(iii) At the stage of claiming of funds, the documents shown hereunder are to be submitted:

(a) the original fiscal receipt/s and commercial invoices relating to the expenditure of a capital nature as described in paragraph one (1) above;

(b) an official certificate issued by a warranted architect confirming that all such works of a capital nature related to the sport facility as described in this Notice, and as performed by the sport organisation as described/ listed in the application form were all performed according to all the provisions of this Notice;

(c) an official certificate issued by a warranted architect confirming the building/installation of the sport facility and this in conformity with all existing rules and regulations, and in accordance with the necessary permits from M.E.P.A and from the Sportmalta as applicable, as well as from third parties whose consent is necessary for the necessary works and alterations to be carried out;

(d) a valid certificate issued by Sportmalta confirming that the same sport organisation is registered as a bona fide sport non-profit making body with Sportmalta;

(e) any other document which Sportmalta may, from time to time, require.

(iv) The funds available for the scheme are limited and therefore the number of grants shall be limited until the funds allocated for the scheme are exhausted. The application forms which are received within the stipulated deadlines shall be processed on a first come first served basis. Applications which are received after the capping is reached shall be kept on hold, with the possibility of benefitting from the scheme, should there be any applicants who, having submitted their application prior to the ones put on hold, withdraw their application or are otherwise unable to claim and benefit from the scheme. The process relating to the submission of documentation, shall be identical for all applications. Applicants who will not be benefitting from the scheme due to unavailability of funds shall be informed and the relating documents shall be returned to the applicant, if the applicant so requests in writing.

(v) Only those applications that are found to conform with all the provisions of this scheme shall be eligible for payment of the grant contemplated by this

(vi) Applications under this scheme, including the documents that are to be submitted with the application, shall be submitted/sent to the Regulatory Affairs Department, Sportmalta, Cottonera Sports Complex, Cospicua, not later than the 31st January, 2017.

(vii) Application forms are available on

(viii) Any other documents which is required in order for the applicant to benefit from the grant shall be submitted to the aforementioned address by not later than 10th December, 2017 or three months from the completion date of the building/installation of the sport facility, whichever the earliest.

  1. Grant payable under this Scheme

Eligible applicants may apply for a once-only grant of 15.25% on the qualifying expenditure of a capital nature that has been paid in full. In the event that Sportmalta renews this Scheme in subsequent years, any beneficiary under this Scheme may be eligible to apply if Sportmalta deems its proposal to be a new project.

  1. Payment of Grant

The grant will be paid to the sports organisation having finished the project by cheque, presented during one of Sportmalta’s assistances to sports organisations official presentations.

  1. Validity of application

An application shall not be deemed to have been submitted unless it is full and complete in all material respects and unless it contains all the information and unless all documentation required under this Scheme both at application and at claim for payment of grant stage, are submitted.

  1. Duration of the Scheme

This Scheme shall remain in force until the 31st December, 2017, provided that all submissions shall be made by not later than the dates stipulated in paragraphs 4(vi) u 4(viii) of this Scheme, unless this Scheme is terminated beforehand by a notice in the Government Gazette.

  1. Amendments to the Scheme

Sportmalta shall have the right to make any amendments to this Scheme by the publication of the said amendments in the Government Gazette.

  1. Transitory provisions

Applications made under this Scheme relating to the expenditure of a capital nature incurred by a sport organisation, and which relative capital works were carried

out between the effective date and the date of publication of this notice, shall be deemed to be valid applications under this Scheme. In such cases applications together with all documentation required for the claim for payment of the grant, shall be submitted by not later than three months from the date of publication of this notice.