This scheme is intended to assist in the development and support of elite athletes in various sectors. This scheme is open to assist athletes nominated by the national sports organisation for international participation in training and competition, when athletes have no alternative government / public funding. This assistance is capped at €750 per event for a maximum of three events per elite athlete per year. To qualify for assitance under this scheme the national sports organisation must apply for assistance on behalf of the elite athlete. This scheme shall not include expenses relating to equipment required for the training camp / competition.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Athletes must have nomination by the national sports organisation,
2. Participation in local competitions in their chosen sport in the year of application and in the previous year,
3. Be in possession of a Maltese passport,
4. Must have no alternative government / public funding for the event in which the elite athlete is participating,
5. The sports organisation shall have a repayment plan in cases where it has pending payments with SportMalta.


An amount not exceeding €750 per event per athlete determined by SportMaltaaccording to budget allocation and amount of applications. The athlete shall be eligible to apply for this scheme for a maximum of three training camps OR competitions per year.

Documentation required:

1. SportMalta registration certificate;
2. Duly filled in registration form;
3. A detailed description of the activity/event that the athlete is applying for (through the national sports organisation), including estimate costs;
4. Personal details of the athlete applying for funding (including school being attended);
5. Declaration that the athlete does not have any other alternative government / public funding for the particular event.

Original fiscal receipts for anything falling within the approved assistance which will be assisted by SportMalta, must also be submitted for the approved funding to be released.