The Sports Act 2002 states that SportMalta is the government organisation responsible for sport. SportMalta as both regulator and provider of services in the Sport and Active Leisure sector is committed to supporting local sports from grassroots to the highest level of sport. Maltese sports organisations and associations that choose to be registered with SportMalta will be eligible to benefit from any assistance and official recognition. Registered organisations will be assisted to attain that level of professionalism in the way they operate so as to be in compliance with local and international legislation. SportMalta will enable sport organisations deal more efficiently with Government, and this through even better communication and relationship-building initiatives. This is achieved in a number of ways through investing in the provision of a number of support programmes, which offer financial subsidies and/or provision of facilities to SportMalta registered sports associations, federations and clubs. Schemes in place offered by SportMalta range from those that can help a sports person to those that are intended for club and organisations; helping both in training and also for equipment and infrastructure.

SportMalta is obliged and committed by the Sports Law to keep control of all financial transactions in which public funds are involved. SportMalta works with the knowledge that the annual funds come primarily from the budget allocation approved by Parliament. SportMalta Directors and CEO are accountable for funds and their management. Therefore it has to be pointed out and emphasised that SportMalta will not consider any proposal which is not drawn up according to local fiscal regulations and Public Funds Regulations.

For organisational and funding purposes, as well as in line with the proposed strategy plan, SportMalta assistance schemes have been categorised. SportMalta encourages sports organisations to be as self sufficient as possible, however, it understands that assistance is necessary especially in the initial years. It is recommended that sport organisations plan their activities well ahead and that requests for assistance are presented by not later than the date established in the previous year. There could be exceptions. It is imperative to note and understand that the assistance concept is not primarily based on the granting of direct funds (i.e. cash transactions) but would include other modes of assistance as decided by SportMalta. A request for assistance entails the submission of a formal letter and completed application form, for any one of the assistance/incentive schemes available.SportMalta commits itself to give assistance that is fair and reasonable to different sport organisations.

SportMalta can also decide – following a request for assistance, that any provision of works, services or supplies is carried out directly by its administration. SportMalta has the right to request the sport organisation to issue quotations or tenders on its’ behalf, depending on the amount involved. Alternatively SportMalta can issue calls for quotations/tenders directly. Any work that can be done by the staff employed under SportMalta umbrella can be offered as a form of assistance. Any Sport Organisation benefiting from assistance should be aware that since assistance is coming from Government allocated funds, the National Audit Office would have every right to inspect all financial records and reports of that sport organisation. SportMalta provides assistance to local sport organisations under the proviso that SportMalta becomes a partner in initiatives funded. SportMalta has the right to set up an advertising bill board at the facility were assistance /incentive are being allocated for a period of time as advised during the evaluation process.

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