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Throughout the scholastic year, SportMalta has been committed towards the promotion of waterpolo amongst school children.  Students, male and female, from all State, Independent and Church Secondary Schools have been given the opportunity to take part in lead up activities aimed to introduce students to the game of water polo through an overview of the rules of the game, practical sessions and lived experiences by athletes and coaches. 
Mr Karl Izzo, Malta Water polo National Team Coach, has been visiting schools, delivering informative talks and sharing his experience, acquired from a long career in the water polo field, with students who in return have shown a keen interest in the sport which is fast growing in popularity.
Students have also been encouraged to take part in the practical sessions held at Tal Qroqq National Pool, where under the guidance of professional coaches, they go through the basic skills of the game and rules, in preparation for the upcoming tournament. 
The Waterpolo Inter Schools’ tournaments, aimed at consolidating the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the lead up sessions, will be held on the 26th (girls) and 30th (boys) April at Tal-Qroqq National pool.  This event is being sponsored by Go & Fun.

“Moving a nation through the promotion and development of sport for a healthy, inclusive and successful Malta.”