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Peter Muscat was on top form this weekend as he won the Qormi Clay Shooting Trap Competition at the Qormi Clay Shooting Club with a remarkable score of 45/50 from a single shot in the Final stages.

Muscat not only claimed the highest place on the podium but he also placed first in his class and furthermore he won a five-way shoot-off to earn the most favourable Bib number to be used in the Finals.

The six Finalists in the Bib number order were;

Peter Muscat 43/50+4, Mario Buhagiar 43/50+3, Chris Farrugia 43/50+2, Stanley Cardona 43/50+0+2, Christopher Vella 43/50+0+1 and Sean Rizzo 42/50


This weekend’s official overall results were;

1st Peter Muscat 21/25 + 5/5 + 5/5 + 5/5 + 9/10, total score 45/50

2nd Mario Buhagiar 19/25 + 3/5 + 5/5 + 5/5 + 9/10, total score 41/50

3rd Sean Rizzo 21/25 + 4/5 + 4/5 + 3/5, total score 32/40

4th Stanley Cardona 21/25 + 4/5 + 2/5, total score 27/35

5th Chris Farrugia 18/25 + 4/5, total score 22/30

6th Christopher Vella 13/25, total score 13/25

The top three Shooters in their respective classes concluded their two qualification rounds with the following scores;

Class A

1st Mario Buhagiar 43/50

2nd Sean Rizzo 42/50

3rd Frank Scorfna 41/50

Class B

1st Peter Muscat 43/50 (Count Back Rule)

2nd Stanley Cardona 43/50 (Count Back Rule)

3rd Christopher Vella 43/50

Class C

1st Chris Farrugia 43/50

2nd George Polidano 37/50

3rd Joe Cardona 36/50

The MSSF Shotgun Trap Programme will continue on Sunday 22nd April 2018 at the Southern Shooting Club with the Brincat Trophy.

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