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Kalkara St. Joseph BC are now leading alone Division one with 2 points following  a 4-4 draw in the  direct clash between Mosta Horseshoe Bar A and Floriana Ajax MCP A. With this result the same Mosta kept their hopes open to keep on challenging for the title.


In Division 2, Sta.Venera Red Square continued from where they left, beating Gudja PO’s 5-3. With this result,  their 5 point lead on Floriana Ajax MCP B and Cospicua Rangers remains intact.

In the third division Siggiewi St. Nicholas BC extended their lead to 8 points after beating 2 place rivals St. Paul’s BC with a score of 6-2. With St. Paul’s losing their third game in a row, Floriana Ajax Munchies C claimed 2nd place with Sliema Tipico St. Gregory BC closing the gap for promotion race after an easy win against Bugibba Sun City Ladies.


Results National League (2/2/2018)


1 Div.

Mosta Horseshoe Bar A vs Floriana Ajax MCP A 4-4;  Kalkara St. Joseph  vs Gudja PO’s Bar A 7-1;  Senglea Manchester Conquest A vs Żejtun Beland Bullseye 5-3;  B’Bugia Cox Sports Club A  Ħamrun Education Bar 5-3


2 Div.

Cospicua Rangers vs Buġibba Sun City A 5-3; Gudja PO’s Bar B  vs St. Venera Red Square vs 3-5; Ħamrun Education Bar B vs B’Bugia Cox Sports Club B  6-2; Floriana Ajax MCP B vs Mosta Horseshoe Bar B 5-3


3 Div.

Mġarr The Hatch Sports Bar vs Floriana Bocci Club 0-8; St. Paul’s BC vs Siġġiewi St. Nicholas BC  2-6; St. Paul’s Diamonds vs Floriana Ajax Munchies C 3-5;  Mqabba St. Mary BC vs Senglea Manchester Conquest B 2-6; Buġibba Sun City Ladies vs Sliema Tipico St. Gregory BC 1-7; Żurrieq Football Club vs Ħamrun Bayern Munich 1-7


Current Standings


Division 1


1stKalkara St Joseph – 31 points; 2ndFloriana Ajax MCP – 29 points;  3rd Mosta Horseshoe BarA – 26 points; 4thGudja PO`s Bar A – 22 points; 5th Birżebbuġa Cox Sports Club A –11 points,  6 thSenglea M. Conquest A – 10points 7th Żejtun Beland Bullseye – 7 points; 8thĦamrun Education Bar A – 1 points.


Division 2


1stSt. Venera Red Square – 31 pointst; 2ndFloriana Ajax MCP B, Cospicua Rangers – 26 points; 4th Mosta Horseshoe Bar B – 18 points; 5thGudja POs Bar B, Buġibba Sun City A – 13 points; 7thĦamrun Education Bar B – 5 points; 8thBirżebbuġa Cox Sports Club – 0 points.


Division 3


1stSiġġiewi St. Nicholas BC – 34 points , 2ndFloriana Ajax Munchies C – 26 points3rd St. Paul’s Band Club – 25 points; 4thSliema Tipico St. Gregory BC – 24 points; 5thFloriana Boċċi Club – 21 points; 6th Senglea M. Conquest B – 19 points; 7 thĦamrun Bayern Munich – 17 points; 8th Mqabba St. Mary Band Club – 15 points; ; 9th St. Paul’s Diamonds – 10 points; 10th Żurrieq Football Club, Buġibba Sun City Ladies – 7 points; 12th Mġarr The Hatch Sports Bar – 0 points.




4 a side Knock Out Competition


Preliminary Round – 2 Leg (30/1/2018)



Kalkara St. Joseph BC vs Mosta Horseshoe Bar B 13-3 (agg. 24-8); Cospicua Rangers vs Mosta Horseshoe Bar C 7-9 (agg. 13-19); Senglea Manchester Conquest vs Sta. Venera Red Square 4-12 (agg. 21-11)


Round 1 – 1 Leg (6/2/2018)


Floriana Ajax MCP B vs Kalkara St. Joseph BC; Gudja PO’s Bar B vs Floriana Ajax MCP A; Mosta Horseshoe Bar C vs Gudja POs Bar A; Senglea Manchester Conquest A vs Ħamrun Education Bar; Floriana Ajax MCP C vs Sta. Venera Red Square; Żejtun Beland Bullseye A vs Żejtun Beland Bullseye B; Mosta Horseshoe Bar A vs Siġġiewi St. Nicholas BC; Buġibba Sun City Ladies vs Buġibba Sun City A


Premier League


No surprises in day 1 of the Malta Premier League of Darts as last year winner Norbert Attard, Finalist Albert Scerri and Semi Finalists John Agius and Godfrey Abela, won their respective match, Debutant Andy Keen also won his game against Kirsten Aquilina after he was 2-0 down. The Malta Premier League of Darts is streamed live on the Malta Darts Association official YouTube Channel.



Premier League – Day 1 – Results (31/1/2018)

Norbert Attard Vs John Ciantar 4-0; George Ebejer vs John Agius 1-4; Andy Keen vs Kirsten Aquilina 4-2; Godfrey Abela vs Mario Aquilina 4-3; Albert Scerri vs Chris Cohen 4-2


Premier League –Day 2  (7/2/2018) – Mario Aquilina vs George Ebejer; Kirsten Aquilina vs Norbert Attard; John Ciantar vs John Agius; Chris Cohen vs Andy Keen; Albert Scerri vs Godfrey Abela

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