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This weekend, at the Malta Judo Academy of Pembroke, the 45th edition of the National Judo Championships were organized.

Before starting with the competitive categories, the traditional festival for children was organised. Over 80 children under the age of twelve years had two hours of various activities of Judo under the direction of Joe Castillo , youth director, and club coaches Gaetano Scerri, Serge Dintimille, Joseph Muscat and David Cucic. During these two hours, the children had a chance to mix with their peers from other clubs, and demonstrate their judo capabilities. The session ended with a randori of 1 minute. Randori means “free exercise”, and is practiced under conditions of an actual contest. The Federation insists that there should not be pressure on who wins at this age, but the emphasis should be on showing progress. Each participant, finally stepped on the highest place of the podium to receive the commemorative trophy.

The day continued with the competition of espoir, (12 and 14 years), followed by cadets (15-17 years), juniors (under 21 years), and the seniors.

Amongst the winners of these categories, were the 2 students of the National Sport School, Estelle Camilleri and Clive Camilleri, as well as the new talents, Katryna Esposito, Kurt Camilleri and Thomas Zerafa. Joseph Castillo praised the refereeing of Svetislav Cucic and Louisa Galea, under the direction of John Zammit, director of refereeing. Castillo was satisfied with the progress being made, and pleased that there were a good number of athletes with thirst for competition.

Charlene Attard, the observer for judo for the Malta Olympic Committee, was also present at games, and seemed satisfied with the progress being made.

The title holders are:

Espoir : -38kgs Chris Samuel Bartolo ; -46kgs Matthew Fiott ; -50kgs Jake Butters ; -55kgs Francesco Bezzina ;-60kgs Nikola Zvicer ; -66kgs Clive Camilleri ;-44kgs Amy Munro ;-48kgs Kirsty Cauchi ; -52kgs Estelle Camilleri ;+63kgs Tatiana Catania

Cadet : -55kgs Owen Cauchi ;-60kgs Kurt Camilleri ; -73kgs Thomas Zerafa ;-81kgs Nathan Spiteri ; -52kgs Katryna Esposito

Junior : -66kgs Joseph Muscat ;-73kgs Kurt Butters ;-90kgs Francesco Aufieri

Senior : -66kgs Andreas Castillo ; -73kgs Jeremy Saywell ;-81kgs Georg Schneeberger ;+100kgs Isaac Bezzina ; -48kgs Rosemary Sammut ;-52kgs Katryna Esposito ; -63kgs Cheryl Cachia



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