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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Nicky Carabott, George Grech and John Marmara won the Cup Winners’ Cup Trap Event in their respective classes at the Southern Shooting Club.

This long-established Event was organised on two qualification rounds of twenty five clay targets each where the best two qualified shooters from Classes A, B and C competed in a one to one final on another twenty five targets from a single shot starting from zero.

After back to back wins at Bidnija, Nicky Carabott had the best of Stephen Vella as he won in Class A with the score of 19/25 to 17/25.

In Class B, George Grech came out on top beating Carmel Briffa with the score of 12/25 to Briffa’s 9/25.

Class C was once again dominated by John Marmara with the final score of 20/25 to 15/25 of Carmel Grech.

The Finalists’ qualification scores were;

Class A

Nicky Carabott 42/50

Stephen Vella 41/50

Class B

Carmel Briffa 41/50

George Grech 38/50

Class C

John Marmara 36/50

Carmel Grech 36/50

Next week’s Trap Event will be on Sunday 03 November 2017 at the Bidnija Shooting Ranges with the first ever Handicap Competition to be held by the Malta Shooting Sport Federation.

This Competition will be organised on three rounds of twenty five targets each, where the original scores will be adjusted and converted to net scores after a handicap is added. This will give the chance to shooters with lower scoring average, thus with higher handicap to win the competition.



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