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On Sunday 5th November 2017 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi (ASMK) will be opening the 2017/2018 Autocross Championship season of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti. The Section for the Autocross cars will again have two classes, that for Standard cars and another for the Modified cars. During this season ASMK will be introducing a new lap on the track, called The Joker Lap. The Joker Lap system is being introduced for the first time in Autocross racing as it gives the drivers the opportunity to improve their position along the 5 Laps race and further increase the attention of the spectators to particular drivers abilities. The Sunday 5th November program is scheduled to start at noon.

Meanwhile during last week ASMK held two more activities. On Saturday afternoon at the Ballut Ltd quarry at t’Alla w’Ommu limits of Naxxar ASMK opened the 2017/2018 National Championship for Trails bikes whilst on Sunday 29th October 2017 at Ta Qali ASMK opened the National Motocross Championship 2017 / 2018.

A look into the Motocross events Day 30 riders enrolled for the competition in one of the various four classes available. In Class A which is the elite class in Motocross we saw young Kyle Camilleri on his KTM 250cc dominating the day. Camilleri managed to win the qualifying and the two Heats of the day. In the Final Ranking Camilleri was followed by Stefan Dimech on a Honda 250cc and by David Dimech on a Honda 450cc.

In Class B we saw James Zahra on a Sherco 300cc bike who dominated the whole day in his Class B.  Brandon Slowe followed in 2nd place on his Honda 250cc bike while Bernard Sammut on his 250cc Beta closed the day in third place.

In Class C Christopher Hartman on a KTM 150cc along with Daniel Inguanez on 250cc Honda dominated this class. But it was Hartman who registered the Class C win as earlier in the day Inguanez was forced to miss one of the Heats and had to content himself with a decent second place in Class C.

In the Veterans Class where older Motocross riders compete and challenge for the lead was mainly between Paul Deguara on a KTM 250cc and William Sant on a Honda 250cc. During the day Deguara and Sant each won one of the two Heats on the day but Deguara was declared winner of this class to Sant in 2nd place. Third place finisher was Jethro Sant on his Yamaha 250cc.

On the launching day for Trials Motorcycles Class A seven competitors were registered. Here we saw cousins Damon Bonello on a Gas Gas and Rowen Bonello on a Beta were in real competition to Antonio Leonardi from Sicily on his Gas Gas motorcycle. During the day we saw Leonardi dominate the sections so far along with Damon Bonello but Antonio gained some penalty points in section five which resulted him to loose his 2nd place to Damon Bonello. Damon held his lead to the last section and was declared winner of the day. Antonio Leonardi and Rowen Bonello finished in 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Fourth place finisher was Joseph Scicluna on a Gas Gas motorcycle.

Meanwhile the first Autocross races are scheduled for Sunday 5th November at Ta Qali Sport Complex at noon. The 2nd Trials event is scheduled to be held on Saturday 18th November 2017 while another Motocross event is scheduled to take place on 19th November 2017. Further information one can find it on the website of the Association or, on Facebook pages named ASMK Malta, and Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can also make contact by email on:-

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