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On Tuesday 10th October Yesterday the Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi held a press conference to launch the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2017/2018 Championships season. The press conference was held in the new WotoMoto Ltd. showroom in Zebbug.

During this conference there were five speakers. The President of the Association Mr. Frans Deguara said that for another season the Association has prepared a vast program of activities for the cars and the motorcycles in different disciplines. These are to include the National Championship for the Autocross, the Motocross, the Trials, the Moto Enduro. This season of events is to include a Car Demolition Derby being organized to raise funds in aid of Istrina. The ASMK President also announced that the Association will be issuing European and International Licences to motorcycle riders who wish to compete in various motorbike championships in Europe at International level. For the last 7 years ASMK has helped riders to obtain licences for MiniMoto, Enduro, Motocross and Moto Circuit racing in Europe.

Mr Neil Falzon representative of WotoMoto Ltd. presented to Mr Deguara the sponsorship for the coming three years when WotoMoto will be giving full support to the Motocross and Enduro riders in competition. To further increase his support to the Association Mr Falzon also announced that a special Enduro race is to be held on 22nd October 2017 in collaboration with ASMK. The winner of this Enduro race held prior to the Championship start will be given a brand new 250cc 2T Beta Enduro motorcycle to ride it throughout the ASMK 2017-2018 Enduro Championship season which consists of 6 events.

Mr Falzon also said that any rider wishing to undertake this challenge on this motorcycle has to apply through the special link set by the WotoMoto company which is:

Meanwhile the president of the Motocross Mr John Cassar announced that for this season there has been changes in the Motocross classes rules to match those of the same sport in Europe. During this season will also see new types of motorcycles and races. These are to include a Motorcycle Flat Track to be run on the Autocross Track. A new class for Offroad Scooters will also be run on this same track.  Mr. Cassar said that for this season the Championship will be based on 8 events starting on 29th October 2017.

Trials president Manuel Camilleri said that despite that ASMK has not got an Official Trials Nursery, ASMK is utilizing its resources to train young children in the Sport of Trials. Mr Camilleri said that currently there are 7 children between 7 and 12 years who are learning this sport. They ride restricted green Electric Trials motorcycles thus being in conformity with the newer Environment rules regarding to noise and pollution. This training is held under the supervision of their respective parents by an expert in this field. Mr. Camilleri announced that the Trials Championship consisting of 8 competitions is scheduled to start on Sunday 29 th October 2017.

The President of the Enduro racers Mr. Eddie Bonello said that this year’s Championship will start on a different role to the usual practice. This is to include a pre-championship special race organized by ASMK and Woto Moto. Mr Bonello thanked WotoMoto Ltd. for its support towards the Association. Bonello announced a new class is being introduced for those riders who cannot compete with the Expert ones. These riders will be  grouped in a Class names Advanced Riders. The Enduro Championship will be starting on Sunday 12th November 2017

Meanwhile ultimately net the ASMK President announced that the 2017/2018 championships starts next Saturday 14th October by an Autocross Endurance Race lasting One Hour racing. During this race the car can change drivers during the three mandatory Pit Stops. This event starts at 8, 00pm and is raced under the Artificial Race Track light.

Further information with regards to details one can find it on the website of the Association named:- or on the Facebook pages named:- A.S.M.K. Malta or Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can also make contact by email

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