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Maltese athletes have won all K1 fights against athletes from Italy, Sweden and France during the Gladiators’ Fight Night 17 last Friday at the Hal Far racetrack.

Kickboxer Shaun Falzon won the Gladiators’ Title Belt dedicated to the late Reuben The Wolf Azzopardi, after winning the 4 round bout against the French fighter Fichelle Jordan Frederic.

While expressing his happiness at the victory, Falzon surprised those present by declaring that he did not deserve to keep the belt, and gave it back to Azzopardi’s family members, who suffered his tragic loss six months ago.

The kickboxing and K1 event included 15 fights; 7 local and 8 international. The local fights were all in the Amateur category, apart from one Semi-Pro.

The international fights included two Amateur, four Semi-Pro and two Pro. Christopher Wolverine Rotin and Keith Speed Azzopardi represented Malta in the Pro category, and both won their fights against high level adversaries from Italy; Stefano Camaioni and Ovidu Minorescu.

Maltese athletes Celeste Galea, Jesred Piscopo and Clayton Desira won against Italian adverseries in the Semi-Pro category, while Rebecca Car and Julian Mangion won in the Amateur categories against adverseries from Sweden and France.

The Maltese teams whose athletes competed in this event were Ying Yang Club – Team Noel, The Jet KB Club, Jalen KB, Kibishi Mitchi KB, Wu Shu Ky, and Malta Thai Boxing.

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