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Last weekend was a demanding one for Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi (ASMK) with two main activities. One took place on Saturday, June 17, 2017 consisted of Motocross and Autocross Motor races while on Sunday morning 18th June 2017 the Association organized an Enduro Motorcycle event. This particular event closed the first National Championship from the four that ASMK has organized this season while being sponsored by ASMK and Pasta Poiatti for 2016/2017.

Meanwhile on Saturday 17th June the seventh Motocross program and the ninth Autocross program were organized with a total of 42 competitors. Late in the afternoon the motocross program began. In Class A we saw a competitive race between Clayton Camilleri and Paul Muscat, both on KTM motorcycles. On the first official day’s race we saw Muscat making a good start, took the lead and continued defending his position until the end of the race while Camilleri Camilleri and David Dimech on a Honda motorcycle followed in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

The Second race by the same competitors we again saw a very good start from Muscat who again took the lead of the race but immediately Camilleri began putting pressure on Muscat until in the third lap Camilleri was able to take the lead and kept it up to the finish line. The Final Result of the day shows: – Camilleri is Class A winner followed by Muscat and Dimech respectively.

Other results from the Motocross riders were: – In Class B we had Ryan Faenza on Yamaha winning this class followed by Ludvick Muscat on a Honda. Third place winner is young Mark Mamo on a Yamaha while fourth place was won by young Michael Sant riding a Honda motorcycle.

In Class C we saw Joseph Azzopardi riding a Yamaha and winning this class. Luke Sheldon on Kawasaki won 2nd place. In the Veterans Class we saw Paul Deguara on a KTM motorcycle winning this class followed by brothers Sant William and Jethro, who finished the day in the second and third places respectively. Fourth place winner is Vince Agius on a Yamaha.

Also on Saturday 17th June at about 7.00pm the President of Malta H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca paid an Official visit at ASMK Ta Qali Sport Complex while ASMK motorsport was in progress. During this visit the President of Malta met with the Association Executive officers, with the members/competitors of the Association and took the opportunity to thank everybody who contributed and gave his share towards the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. The president stressed that as the rate of cancerous diseases is growing the need for funds claims grows at a remarkable rate.

The President of the Association Mr. Frans Deguara presented the sum of € 1680.00 to the President of Malta. Such funds were collected last January during an event held which is normally held on the last Sunday before Christmas but due to bad weather in that time this event was held in January 2017. Mr Deguara said that this is the 22nd consecutive year that the ASMK Association organized an activity in favour of the MCCF Foundation and is expected to continue doing so in the coming years. Following this ceremony, the President of Malta did some time watching the motorsports organized by the ASMK in this complex.

In the meantime the Association continued with the evening’s program run under artificial light thus illuminating the Autocross race track. The car program included the Autocross Modified and the Standard class. During the Heats of the day we saw Karl Micallef on Ford Fiesta and Gordon Johnson on his Opel Corsa win the highest points of the day to seal their place in the Class A final. Other drivers who qualified were Vince Farrugia on a VW Polo, Jean Paul Grech on a Peugeot 106, Joseph Micallef and Terence Azzopardi both on Opel Corsa cars.

Despite the final race result, the Committee suspended the result as being final until the Disciplinary Board meets and decides on an incident occurring during this same race final. Earlier in the week the same board also had to meet to decide on another case that happened on the 21st May 2017 during the Standard Class race Final where the same board suspended Johann Vella a competitor on an Opel Nova car after it turned out that this driver breached to the Autocross regulations. So much so Vella has lost his final result of the 21st of May as well as being suspended for another activity. The Disciplinary Board is expected to decide on the last case in the coming days.

Other results from the Autocross Section showed that in the Final Class B of the Autocross Modified we had the following results: – first place winner is Chris Aqulina on an Opel Corsa followed by Andrew Pisani on a Vauxhall Nova and Jurgen Mallia on a Honda Civic. Fourth place was won by Jonathan Vella on a Ford Fiesta.

From the Autocross Standard Final we had the following results: – Melvin Buttigieg on Citroen AX won this final followed by Nicovich Chircop on Peugeot 106 and Deane Farrugia on Citroen AX. Fourth place post is Karl Scicluna on Peugeot 106.

Meanwhile the next event is expected on Saturday July 1st 2017 with the Autocross Cars starting at around 7.00pm and Motocross and Trials program starting at 3:00 p.m.

More information can be found on the website of the Association or in the Facebook pages named A.S.M.K. Malta or Association Sport Motorcycles and Cars. You can contact email

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