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Chris Agius, Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport signed a letter of intent to concede land adjacent to the Hibernians Pavilion to the Hibernians Basketball Club.

Chris Agius highlighted the importance of providing children with the opportunity to practise a favourite sport, and the value acquired when a person works within a team as this is fundamental in one’s life. He stressed that the synergy and the results achieved are more effective when one possesses such skills.

He referred to the next important step mentioning the implementation of the commercialisation law of sport facilities. As the expenses of the clubs are increasing consistently such law will allow them to be sustainable and hence reduce costs.

Charles Deguara, president of the Hibernians Basketball Club said that the need for a new pavilion is essential as the current one is now being used for all Futsal competitions resulting in the renting of four gyms to meet with the demand of the basketball teams and to provide the necessary location for the training. He explained the unique educational value acquired through sport as children learn how to respect both team members and adversaries, values that are essential in everyday life.

Once the Planning Authority grants the necessary authorization and Parliament approves the transfer of land by temporary emphyteusis to the Hibernians Basketball Club, infrastructural works can immediately commence. The project is estimated to cost around 1 million euros and will be totally financed through private investment.





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