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Last weekend over 70 Maltese kickboxing students and athletes had the rare opportunity to train with Thai champion Boo Sasiprapa.

Sasiprapa came to Malta at the invitation of Master Noel Mercieca, and during a three day seminar trained Maltese students and athletes in Muay Thai and K1 techniques. This was the first time that a Thai fighter of his calibre came to Malta to train Maltese athletes.

Kickboxing students found out that Muay Thai techniques were quite different to what they were used to, but ultimately were of great benefit, as the students themselves later confirmed

Boo Sasiprapa had words of praise for the level of kickboxing in Malta. Likewise Master Bruno Botindari; an Italian coach who accompanied Sasiprapa to Malta. Sport scene aside, both men enjoyed Malta profusely, and did not miss an opportunity to promote the Maltese islands on social media.

The seminar, which was held at club Team Noel – Ying Yang, was attended by members of the same club, as well as members from four other kickboxing clubs in Malta.

More information on the training offered at Team Noel – Ying Yang club can be obtained by getting in touch with Master Noel Mercieca on 79208283, visiting the website or the Facebook page Team Noel – Kickboxing Malta.

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