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On Saturday 13th May 2017 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will organize the fifth Enduro program of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2016/2017 season. This event will be held at the Barriera tas-Saghtar in l/o Naxxar. The program starts at 3pm and is the supported by Blokrete Ltd. and Dunlop Tires.

Meanwhile on Sunday 7th May 2017 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the seventh (7th) Autocross program where a total of 27 cars registered for this raceday. During the three Heats of the day we saw Gordon Johnson on his Opel Corsa win all Heats thus sealing his place in the Class A Final. Also qualified in this Class were Matthew Borg and Terence Azzopardi both on Opel Corsa cars, the Volkswagen Polo of Vince Farrugia, Christian Galea on his Fiat Ritmo and Jean Paul Grech on a Peugeot 106.

From the Start of this Final Race we saw Johnson, Grech and Farrugia making a very fast Start where Johnson took the helm of this Final followed by Grech and Farrugia. All alertness remained on the first three competitors battling for the lead. In the 5th Lap Farrugia managed to overtake Grech and retain this position to the end of the race.

The final result of Class A registered Johnson’s another win during this championship while being followed by Farrugia and Grech who finished in second and third places respectively. Fourth place finisher was Azzopardi and Borg finished in fifth place. Sixth place Galea retired earlier in the race.

The Autocross Class B Final Start Line was composed by Karl Micallef on a Ford Fiesta, Melo Zammit and Malcolm Borg both on Opel Corsa cars, Alan Muscat on his Peugoet 205, Keith and Andrew Borg and Pisani both all on Vauxhall Nova’s. From the Start of this final we saw Muscat make a good launch and so reaching the first corner and taking the helm of this Final.  Malcolm Borg and Pisani followed close by. Yet the attention turned on Micallef and Zammit though they were in fourth and fifth places.  Zammit who was making pressure on Micallef and managed to do the overtaking move before the end of the first Lap ended.

The race continued but during the fourth Lap Micallef once again repositioned his placing but the attention had gone on the leadership where Muscat was still occupying the first position until he suffered a mechanical fault in one front wheel which resulted him to loose some speed. In spite of this Muscat lost only two places. Malcolm Borg won this final followed by Pisani. Muscat finished in 3rd place followed by Micallef and Zammit in fourth and fifth place respectively. Kieth Borg who retired early from the race placed 6th.

In the Standard Class Final the starting line was composed by Karl Scicluna, Angelo Galea and Quinn Camilleri all on Peugeot 106, the Peugeot 205 of Nicovich Chircop, Johann Vella on his Opel Nova and Deane Farrugia on his Citroen AX. From the start of this Final we a good launch by Vella and Scicluna but Vella took the helm of the race final while Scicluna and Camilleri followed close by.

Throughout the race the focus was on Camilleri being pressed by Chircop until shortly and before the end of the race Camilleri lost some control and Chircop took advantage but Camilleri soon gained his placing again. The Race Final result is:- Vella registering another victory while he was followed by Scicluna and Camilleri. Fourth place finisher was Galea while fifth and sixth place finishers were Chircop and Farrugia respectively.

Meanwhile other ASMK event by the Autocross cars and Motocross will be held on Sunday 21st May 2017. Motocross starts at 8: 00am while the Autocross cars start on 01:00 pm.

Further information one can find it on the website of the Association or Facebook pages named A.S.M.K. Malta or Association Sport Motorcycles and Cars. One can make contact by email Mobile 9942 or 5489.

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