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A total of 31 kickboxing students training at Team Noel club achieved a higher grade in this martial art following an exam conducted under the auspices of the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) at Team Noel – Ying Yang club.

This particular grading was dedicated to Champion Reuben Azzopardi, as two days previously had marked four months since his tragic death. Before the exam all those present observed a minute of silence in remembrance of Azzopardi who had trained for years in the same club.

The exam on Sunday 30th April was conducted over a span of four hours by Kancho Adrian Axisa, with the assistance of instructors Noel Mercieca, Demis Scicluna, Robert Sammut and Keith Micallef.

The students, who train in four clubs, qualified for yellow, orange, green, blue and purple belts. The youngest student who successfully completed the exam is just six years old.

The students from Team Noel who obtained a higher belt were:

Yellow belt: Jean Luca Muscat, Paul Mifsud, Jamie Bugeja, Martina Cesare, Carlos Borg, Charlene Fiteni, Windy Antea Pace, Dylan Medina, Shanice Bonello, Faith Smith

Orange belt: Justin Pace, Roderick Portelli, Heidi Camilleri, Kyle Darmanin, Alessia Pulis, Kelsey Muscat Sacco, Deitmer Darmanin, Denzel Camilleri, Rene Cassar

Green belt: Shalom Mercieca, Shedrach Ellul, Tristan Bonello, Marie Attard, Chantelle Vella, Elton Fenech, Kris Debono

Blue belt: Justine Scicluna, Isajjan Zammit, Liam Scerri, Aaron Portelli

Purple belt: Jadee Cassar


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