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Thai Muay Thai champion, Boo Sasiprapa, will be visiting Malta for the first time next May, when he will conduct training sessions in Muay Thai and K1 rules.

Sasiprapa will be coming to Malta from Thailand; the country which gave birth to Muay Thai, at the invitation of the Maltese kickboxing club Ying Yang – Team Noel.

With almost 300 wins and 400 fights under his belt, at the moment Sasiprapa is highly coveted for these seminars by clubs around the globe, during which one has the opportunity to learn aspects of this martial art’s techniques from the champion himself.

In a message to kickboxing students and fans in Malta, Sasiprapa said that he is very happy to be conducting this seminar in Malta, and is looking forward to teaching Maltese students.

“I am planning to show every Muay Thai technique I know to students in Malta who will be attending the seminar,” declared Sasiprapa.

The seminar will be open exclusivley to Team Noel club students for a session on the 19th of May, and to other kickboxing clubs and students for three sessions between the 20th and 21st May.

For more information one may contact Master Noel Mercieca on 79208283 or visit the Team Noel – Kickboxing Malta page on Facebook.

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