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The Gold Cup tournament is open for those athletes who do not exceed the 180 average for males, and 175 average for females.  The competition is played over 3, with 6 games played on day 1, and another 6 games played on day 2.  The total pinfall is then added and the top 6 males, and top 6 females would make it for the semi-finals, playing a round robin, and then the top 3 will play the step ladder: 2 against 3, and the winner against the 1st placed bowler.  We had 39 competitors: 29 males and 10 females.

After the 12 games were played leading the ladies was Alessia Schembri, as she excelled on day 1 to toll her personal best series a 1251, and finishing with a total of 2281 pins.  Jenny Swift and Liliana Spiteri clinched the 2nd and 3rd place, while the other 3 who made it for the semifinals were Juliana Bonanno, Michaela Briffa, and Jessica Farrugia.

The male category was hotly contested as we had quite a few renowned bowlers who were hoping to make it with the top 6.  Kurt Attard finished in the lead with a 2419 total, followed by Daniel Magro, Mario Ellul, Daniel Ricciari, and Matthew Muscat.  The 6th place was taken by Shadon Psaila, who at just 12 years of age rolled the only 200+ series to improve from 14th position to a place for the finals.

The round robin stage is played over 5 games, as every bowler has to play against the other 5 in a one to one encounter where the pinfall counts as well as winning a 20 point bonus for every win.  Alessia Schembri and Jenny Swift each won 4 encounters and placed 1st and 2nd respectively.  Michaela, Jessica and Liliana all won 2 games each while Juliana only won her first encounter.  Due to her highest pinfall, the 3rd place was clinched by Liliana Spiteri.

In the males’ section it was Mario Ellul who finished in 1st place as he won 3 matches and drew in another for a total of 70 bonus points.  Kurt Attard won 4 games to finish in 2nd, whilst the surprise of the day was young Shadon Psaila who won 3 encounters, as well as ending in a draw, thus nipping the 3rd place.   Shadon Psaila in fact is the youngest MALE player ever to clinch a place with the top 3, as prior to that it was Matthew Magro who was 13 years of age at that time.

In the step ladder finals Liliana Spiteri faced Jenny Swift, the latter winning the game 180-157, while Shadon Psaila also lost against Kurt Attard 193-244.

In the final round Mario Ellul rolled a 220 game to beat Kurt’s 182 effort, thus it was over for the men.  On the other hand Jenny Swift won the first game against Alessia Schembri 153-196.  This meant that since Alessia was the first placed lady she had to be beaten twice, thus they had to play another game.  Jenny rolled a 180 but Alessia striked out from frame 4 onwards to finish with a high 247 game, it being her personal best game so far, and this, coupled with a 5 pin handicap amounted to 252.


Thus we have 2 brand new winners: Alessia Schembri who bowled a total of 192.32 average and Mario Ellul 178.61 average.



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