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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Paul Formosa won his first Trap competition of the season at the Southern Shooting Club when he won the Skratcc Cup on a day characterised by very strong North Easterly winds and overcast sky.

This Sunday’s Event was organised on two qualification rounds of twenty five clay targets each.

The six Finalists were; Paul Formosa 39/50, Frank Scorfna 38/50, Carmel Grech 35/50, Darren Aquilina 34/50, George Grech 34/50 and Mark Bonello 32/50.

The scores obtained in the qualification rounds are not carried forward to the Final which is now basically a knock out phase, however the scores of the five Final stages are cumulative and the results will be added from stage to stage and carried forward.

The Finals results were;

1st Paul Formosa 19/25 + 3/5 + 3/5 + 2/5 + 8/10, total score 35/50

2nd Frank Scorfna 19/25 + 2/5 + 3/5 + 3/5 + 6/10, total score 33/50

3rd George Grech 15/25 + 3/5 + 3/5 + 1/5, total score 22/40

4th Darren Aquilina 11/25 + 5/5 + 2/5, total score 18/35

5th Carmel Grech 13/25 + 1/5, total score 14/30

6th Mark Bonello 11/25, total score 11/25

The top Shooters in their respective classes concluded their qualification rounds with the following scores;

Class A

1st Paul Formosa 39/50


Class B

1st Frank Scorfna 38/50

2nd Carmel Grech 35/50

3rd George Grech 34/50


Class C

1st Darren Aquilina 34/50

2nd Charlie Demanuele 32/50

3rd Steve Azzopardi 28/50


The MSSF Trap Programme will continue on Sunday, 16 April 2017 at the Southern Shooting Club with the Easter Shoot.

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