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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Brian Galea won his sixth consecutive Trap Selection Shoot at the Southern Shooting Club when he won the Alfred Brincat Trophy.

Galea will be representing Malta in the Shotgun, Trap Event at the 17th GSSE (Games of the Small States of Europe) that will take place from 29 May to 03 June 2017, in San Marino.

Frans Pace, who secured position number two in these Selection Shoots, will be the second Trap Shooter accompanying Brian Galea in San Marino.

At the end of the qualification rounds, a two-way shoot-off between Nicky Carabott and Paul Formosa had to be shot to determine the sixth finalist to advance to the knockout phases. Formosa was eliminated on his first shot while Carabott advanced taking BiB number 6.

In the qualification rounds Brian Galea obtained the ISSF MQS (Minimum Qualifying Score) of 112/125, while a perfect straight of 25/25 was registered by Mario Buhagiar on Day 1 of the competition.

The six Finalists were; Brian Galea 112/125, Frans Pace 110/125, Sean Rizzo 108/125, Mario Buhagiar 107/125, Stephen Vella 104/125 and Nicky Carabott 102/125 + 1.

The Finals results were;

1st Brian Galea 20/25 + 5/5 + 4/5 + 4/5 + 9/10, total score 42/50

2nd Stephen Vella 18/25 + 4/5 + 4/5 + 4/5 + 8/10, total score 38/50

3rd Nicky Carabott 19/25 + 2/5 + 4/5 + 5/5, total score 30/40

4th Frans Pace 17/25 + 4/5 + 3/5, total score 24/35

5th Sean Rizzo 16/25 + 3/5, total score 19/30

6th Mario Buhagiar 15/25, total score 15/25

The top three Shooters in their respective classes concluded their Sunday two qualification rounds with the following scores;

Class A

1st Frans Pace 44/50

2nd Brian Galea 43/50 (Count Back Rule)

3rd Sean Rizzo 43/50


Class B

1st Mario Buhagiar 38/50

2nd Vince Cassar 37/50 (Count Back Rule)

3rd Frank Scorfna 37/50


Class C

1st Charlie Demanuele 41/50

2nd Mikaela Galea 38/50 (Count Back Rule)


3rd Emmanuel Cachia Simpson 38/50


The MSSF Trap Programme will continue on Sunday, 09 April 2017 at the Southern Shooting Club with the Scratacc Cup.

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