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During the weekend the Malta Table football Sport Association (MTFSA) organised the Clubs National League and Knock – out competitions.  This year only three clubs  participated in the Clubs National League and Knock-out competitions, namely Valletta Subbuteo Club, Bormla Subbuteo Club and Valletta Lions.  The winners of these competitions will qualify to represent Malta in the Champions & Europa Leagues which is will be held in Rochefort (Belgium) next October under the auspices of the Federation of International Sports Table Football (FISTF).


Valletta Subbuteo Club, this year have strengthened the team by registering an Italian player, Massimiliano Nastasi. The Valletta Subbuteo players were Derek Conti, Samuel Bartolo, Massimiliano Nastasi, Felix Rizzo, and Jason Pisani.


Bormla Subbuteo Club have also strengthened the team by registering a Belgian, William Van den Houte and a Greek, Chris Pitsaris. The Bormla Subbuteo players were Charles Aquilina, Mauro Camilleri, Josef Camilleri, George Ebejer, William Van den Houte, Chris Pitsaris and Tristan Fenech.


Valletta Lions Subbuteo Club strengthened their team by registering two local players.  The Valletta Lions Subbuteo players were Adrian Bonnici, Hector Scerri, Daniel Spadaro, Steve Austin, Alfred Bonnici, and Melvin Barun, Joseph Zammit Pavia and John Zammit.

Since these competition are club events each team will have to select four players.  These players will play on four separate tables against each other at the same time.  The result of the game will depend on who wins more of the games being played at the same time.

Valletta Subbuteo has won for the 6th consecutive year the National Clubs league, by winning all the games.  Bormla Subbuteo Club came second in the league and Valletta Lions came Third.


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