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SportMalta and the Malta Olympic Committee have signed a breakthrough agreement that grants 2 and a half million euros from SportMalta to MOC over a period of 4 years thus fulfilling an electoral commitment.

The contract allows for better management as it makes it possible for MOC to plan way in advance the distribution of the funds available to assist athletes in their preparation for international competitions such as the 2020 Olympics, The Small Nations Games in 2019 and 2021 taking place in Montenegro and Andorra respectively and the Commonwealth Games of 2018.

Apart from the 2.5 million covered by the contract, MOC will also receive other significant funds specifically directed towards the development of young athletes to participate in the 2023 Small Nations Games. The Malta Olympic Committee is currently bidding to host this event in Malta, in the meantime the amount in 2018 will be that of 105,000 euros.

On the other hand SportMalta is investing in the renovation of its sports facilities so as to be able to host the Small Nations Games in 2023. It is also committed to continue in its financing of full-time employees of The Malta Olympic Committee such as the laboratory doctor and further supports the Olympic Committee by leasing out the office space for free.

The agreement was signed by Luciano Busuttil, Chairman of SportMalta and Julian Pace Bonello, President of the Malta Olympic Committee in the presence of the Parliamentary Secretary, Chris Agius, Mark Cutajar, SportMalta’s CEO and Joe Cassar, Secretary of The Malta Olympic Committee.






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