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On Sunday 5th February 2017 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the second meeting of the ASMK and Pasta Poiatti 2016/2017 National Championships. The activity consisted of Autocross and Motocross races on new laid racetracks. This event started on Sunday 22ndJanuary 2017 but it had to be postponed twice due to the recently continuous  bad weather on the Maltese Islands. This is affecting negatively the race events organized by  ASMK.

51 competitors driving Autocross cars and Motocross bikes registered for this wintery event. During the Autocross races in both the Modified and Standard classes no one driver managed to win all his three (3) Heats on the day. Nevertheless the Final Class ‘A’ qualifiers for the Modified cars were Gordon Johnson, Philip Joe Vella, Joseph Micallef and Terence Azzopardi all on Opel Corsa cars along with Karl Micallef and Delia Duncan both on a Ford Fiesta each.

Right from the start of this 9 laps Final Race we saw Johnson making an excellent launch so much so that by the first corner he was already leading his competitors while Vella, Azzopardi and Micallef raced close by. All four (4) racers made a number of Laps in this position until Johnson developed a mechanical fault in his front right wheel which forced him to retire from the race. Thus it was easier for Vella to take the lead of this Final which also resulted in his first win too. Vella was followed by Joseph Micallef and Azzopardi.  Fourth placed was Karl Micallef followed by Delia and Johnson in fifth and sixth places.

In the final race of Class B for Modified cars the Start Line was composed by Keith Borg on a Vauxhall Nova, Noel Zammit on Fiat Punto, the Opel Corsa of Malcolm Borg, Melvin Buttigieg on a Citroen AX, Jean Paul Grech on a Peugeot 106 and the Opel Nova of Andrew Pisani. Right from the Start of this Final we saw Borg and Zammit making the best Start but it was Borg taking the helm of the ace. Borg was followed by Zammit but he was overcome by Grech. The race continued demonstrating a spectacle of clean race speed driving by all mainly between Borg, Grech and Zammit who finished the race in the first three (3) places as Borg defended his placing to the end. Grech and Zammit finished in 2ndand 3rd positions respectively. Fourth and Fifth place were won by Keith Borg and Buttigieg. Pisani had to content himself in sixth place as he was forced to retire earlier from the race because of a mechanical damage in his front wheel.

In the Autocross Standard Class Final Nicovich Chircop on Peugeot 206 won his first Final Race so far. He was followed by Ian Fenech on a Citroen AX. Third placed is Angelo Galea on his Peugeot 106. Fourth and Fifth places were Deane Farrugia on his Citroen AX and Karl Scicluna on his Peugeot 106 respectively. Sixth placed finisher is Quinn Camilleri on his Peugeot 106 who had to retire before the race was ended due to a technical malfunction.


The Motocross Riders section were very busy on the day with the 25 riders who were divided into four classes. In Class A which is set for the best experienced riders in this sport we saw Paul Muscat on a KTM 450cc motorcycle winning this class. He was followed by Clayton Camilleri on KTM 350cc motorcycle. Third place finisher was David Dimech on a 450cc Honda motorcycle.

In Class ‘B’ which is set for Riders of Intermediate MX experience Ryan Faenza on a Yamaha 250cc motorcycle won this class while he was followed by Peter Lee Sammut on KTM 250cc motorcycle. Third place was won by young Mark Mamo on a Yamaha 125cc 2T.

In Class’ C ‘which is set for ‘Beginners’ in this sport we have seen Bernard Sammut on a KTM 300cc winning this class ahead of Adrian Bonnici in second place on a Yamaha 250cc. Third place finisher was Michael Sant on a Honda 125cc 2T.

In the MX Veterans Class it was William Sant on a Suzuki 250cc who won this class. Sant was  followed by second placed by Paul Deguara on KTM 250cc. Third place was won by Jethro Sant on a Yamaha 250cc motorcycle.

Meanwhile the Association is expected to continue the ASMK activities from the ASMK an Pasta Poiatti 2016/2017 season next Sunday 12thFebruary 2017. ASMK will be organizing the third event in the Autocross and Motocross Championships. The program starts at 11: 00am.

The Association also informs that one can find any information related to the kind of sport organized by the Association and rules and regulations, News and continued Up-dates including the Sports Calendar. All this is found in More information is also available on the Facebook homepage named ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi.

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