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On Sunday 8th January 2017 Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi (ASMK) opened the ‘ASMK – Pasta Poiatti 2016/2017’ for the Autocross and Motocross. On this day 39 competitors registered for the day’s activities. This resulted following a heavy investment on the Autocross and Motocross tracks which pleased all Drivers and Riders. The Project took three months to be finished due to the heavy damage caused by the bad weather in the last weeks.

Meanwhile, a look at the day’s event reveals that in the Autocross Classes nobody won all the 3 Heats but Philip Joe Vella on an Opel Corsa, Karl Micallef on a Fiesta and Gordon Johnson on an Opel Corsa won the highest scores of the day thus guaranteeing their place in the Class A Final Race. Terence Azzopardi and Jonathan Camilleri both on Opel Corsa cars and Andrew Pisani on a Vauxhall Nova also won a place for this final runs.

Right from the Start of this final we saw the six cars speed off to the first corner which was impossible for the six cars  to pass together abreast  at a speedy pace. In fact Camilleri and Pisani had to back up and continue the race from the last positions. In the meantime Johnson took the helm of the race followed by Azzopardi and Vella together with Micallef managed to overcome Azzopardi after the first Lap. But after the third Lap, Vella was seen to slow down due to a mechanical damage in one front wheel. This Race Final ended with Johnson winning and followed by Micallef and Azzopardi. Pisani and Camilleri followed in fourth and fifth places.

The Class B Autocross Final Start Line was composed of Joseph Micallef on an Opel Corsa, Keith Borg on a Vauxhall Nova, Jonathan Vella and Delia Duncan both on a Ford Fiesta, Noel Zammit on a Fiat Punto and the Opel Corsa of James Micallef. From the Start of this Final Race we saw Joseph Micallef to take the helm of the race while Borg and Zammit followed close behind. Shortly before the first corner caused Delia did a dangerous contact move with James Micallef while this latter continued the action where Delia finish off track. The referee of the day ordered Warning on both Delia and James Micallef. This Race Final continued with a good performance which resulted in Joseph Micallef winning this B Final followed by Borg and Zammit. Fourth place winner was James Micallef and Vella finished in fifth place.

For the Standard Class Final the Start Line was composed by Nicovich Chircop on a Peugeot 206, Deane Farrugia, Ian Fenech and Melvin Buttigieg on Citroen AX cars, Karl Scicluna on a Peugeot 106 and the Nova of Johann Vella. From the Start of this final we saw Farrugia taking the lead followed by Buttigieg and Scicluna. Vella drew the attention as he was making pressure on Chircop. After a contact from Vella and overtaking Chircop left the referee to issue a Warning Penalty to Vella for his actions made. The race continued with Buttigieg overcome Farrugia and leading the race to the Finish. Shortly before the end of the race Vella was making pressure on Fenech and Scicluna and for the second time Vella purposely made contact with another car and he was suspended from the race. This final ended with Buttigieg winning followed by Farrugia and Scicluna. Fourth place finisher was  Chircop while Fenech finished in fifth place.

On the Motocross grid there were 14 Riders divided into the new system of classes. During this season we will have Experts Riders in Class A, Class B for Riders in Intermediate Class, Class C for Beginners and a Veteran Class for those ex-riders and veterans who wish to continue practicing this sport.

Meanwhile the Motocross Class A was won by Paul Muscat on KTM 450cc followed by David Dimech on a 450cc Honda. Trevor Muscat on KTM 450cc finished in third place. In the Motocross Class B we saw young Mark Mamo on Yamaha 125cc win this class followed by Arthur Micallef on KTM 250cc. Third place finisher was Elvin Debono on his Kawasaki. The Motocross Class C was won by Adrian Bonnici on a Yamaha 250cc motorcycle followed by Michael Sant on a 125cc Honda. In third place we saw Luke Sheldon on 250cc Kawasaki. The Veteran Motocross Class was won by Jethro Sant on Yamaha 250cc motorcycle followed by Sant. William on a 250cc Suzuki. Paul Deguara finished in third place on a 250cc KTM.

The Day’s Program came to an end with the Demolition Derby intended to take place on December 2016. This Demolition previously scheduled for the 18th December but was postponed due to bad weather on this day. This special event was attended by hundreds of spectators. This competition is held annually for the spectators to enjoy while at the same time to collect funds for charity. For this 22nd edition fourteen drivers registered to break their cars in this edition of Demolition. The competitors were Jason Magro on Hunter, Frank Butler on Lada, Larkin Butler on Hunter, Karl Mizzi on Lada, Leo Butler on Volvo, Marlon Caruana on Ford Escort, Wayne Mallia on Volvo, Kevin Barbara on Ford Escort, Mauro Cassar on Lada, Matthew Mallia on Volvo, Clint Farrugia on Volvo, Kane Pisani on Toyota Carina, Emanuel Fenech on Proton Sage & Shaw Pisani on Toyota Corolla.

At the strike of 3:30 pm it was signalled to start the final preparation of the track and to begin the Demolition. Two laps on the track were performed by all cars just before they started banging in all directions within the strict game rules of this race. The cars offered  spectacular collisions with tactics to keep strong on track before all is sent for scrap. Among them a Volvo car driven by Leo Butler stood proud where besides the engine sound and the body bumps Leo made maneuvers to resist shock and damage caused by him and others too. It was a spectacular display for young and old.

After a little less than 35 minutes the game ended between 3 three cars; The Volvo and the Hunter driven by Butler brothers Leo and Larkin and a Ford Escort Mk6 driven by Marlon Caruana. The Butler brothers tried many times to make maneuvers so Caruana will abandon his car but it seemed clear that the car of Caruana resisted the punishment well. Only 10 minutes before the end of the race Larkin on his Hunter retired so the final battle was between the Volvo of Leo and the Escort MK6 of Caruana. At this stage though Leo lost control of the steering and had a crushed body Leo continued to beat Caruana who decided to abandon the race after 44 minutes. Leo was declared winner and both Leo and Caruana shaked hands together as is normal practice. This 2016 edition was won by Leo Butler on a Volvo. Runner-up was Marlon Caruana on Ford Escort.

The next Autocross and Motocross event is expected to be held on Sunday 22nd January 2017 and starts at 11: 00am. Further information can be found on the website of the Association or Facebook pages named A.S.M.K. Malta or Association Sport Motorcycles and Cars. One can make contact by email –



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