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Sunday, January 08, 2017

New Year, New International Shooting Sport Federation Rules!

George Mifsud claimed the first Trophy of the year at the Southern Shooting Club with new ISSF Shotgun Finals format.

This Event was organised on fifty clay targets, were the top six athletes after the end of the qualification rounds qualified for the Finals stages.

The new Finals format is basically a knock out or an elimination competition and it consists of five extra stages of additional targets.

New BIB numbers 1 to 6 are issued with the highest ranked athlete in the qualification rounds being given BIB No. 1 and the lowest ranked will be handed BIB No. 6.


Scores obtained in the qualification rounds are not carried forward, however, the Finals stages scores are cumulative and the results will be added from stage to stage and carried forward.


At the beginning of the first stage, a total of twenty five targets consisting of 2 Left, 2 Right and 1 Centre target from each of the 5 stations will be shot at from a single shot.


Another twenty five targets in stages two, three, four and five also consist of 2 Left, 2 Right and 1 Centre target from each station and also to be shot from a single shot.


After every stage the lowest Scorer must retire and ranked accordingly.


This Sunday’s six overall Shooters were;

1st George Mifsud 33/50 +3 – Gold Medal (Qualification Score 41/50)

2nd Frank Scorfna 33/50 + 2 – Silver Medal (Qualification Score 37/50)

3rd Carmel Briffa 25/40 – Bronze Medal (Qualification Score 38/50)

4th George Cassar 21/35 (Qualification Score 37/50)

5th Brian Galea 17/30 (Qualification Score 36/50)

6th Clayton Carabott 11/25 (Qualification Score 41/50)


The top three Shooters in their respective classes concluded their two qualification rounds with the following scores;

Class A

1st George Mifsud 41/50

2nd Brian Galea 36/50

3rd Sean Rizzo 35/50


Class B

1st Clayton Carabott 41/50

2nd Frank Scorfna 37/50 (Count Back Rule)

3rd George Cassar 37/50


Class C

1st Carmel Briffa 38/50

2nd Joe Zammit 30/50 (Count Back Rule)

3rd Nicholas Schembri 30/50


The MSSF Shotgun Trap Programme will continue on Sunday, 15 January 2017 at the Bidnija Ranges with the Vassons Trophy.

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