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During Gladiators Night XV Maltese athletes won four international matches against Polish athletes.


Keith Azzopardi (Team Noel) wins the fight by circling the opponent to confuse him and strike with Boxing when an opening presented itself. He worked a lot with kicks especially those jumping to the head. The constant pressure maintained by Azzopardi on the opponent won him many points especially when ending the attack with the knee to the stomach.


Theon Camilleri (Art of Fighting) had continuous control of the match where he began to keep the center half of the ring. His counterattack was immediately whenever the Polish attempted to enter. The strong and fast Boxing techniques of the Maltese got him many points. Camilleri wins the fight by unanimous decision of the jury.


Clayton Desira (Team Noel) began with the match with low kicks and from there advanced to Boxing techniques and kicks to the head. Towards the end he changed again the technique and focused to take the points using the knee and Boxing. In the end the jury gave the victory to the Maltese on a split decision to Desira.


Julian Mangion (Team Noel) dominated the opponent through all the rounds with different techniques. In more than one occasion the Maltese cornered the Polish and blocked him with Boxing. The Judges gave the victory to Mangion with a unanimous decision.


Jesred Piscopo (Team Noel) made a full match keeping head to head with the opposing Polish. Both maintained pressure on each other while they worked a lot with legs. During the last round the Polish increased the counterattacks. In the end victory was given to the Polish with a decision by points.


Along with the main matches there were also matches in Kickboxing and K1 from local clubs. This was the first time that Gladiators Promotion worked with Lords of the Rings that saw amateur Boxers getting in the ring.


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