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SportMalta has launched the ‘Youth Development Scheme’ in collaboration with Bank of Valletta – aimed at athletes who have not attained 18 years of age, the scope of the scheme is to assist these athletes in participating in international competitions beyond our shores.


The scheme, equally funded by SportMalta and Bank of Valletta, will assist around 25 athletes. These athletes will be selected by a board of experts to evaluate applications received through the official organisation of the particular sporting discipline.


The scheme was launched during a press conference held at the Kirkop Sports Complex and addressed by Luciano Busuttil and Mark Cutajar, Chairman and CEO of SportMalta repsectively and Charles Azzopardi, Head PR and Marketing at Bank of Valletta.


Luciano Busuttil, Chairman of SportMalta said that this scheme is an opportunity for our youths to gain a unique experience in international competitions.


Charles Azzopardi, Head of Marketing Department of BOV said that
“Bank of Valletta has been supporting major sporting initiatives in Malta for years, however we always felt the need to embrace the development of our young athletes from an early stage,” said Charles Azzopardi, “The Youth Development Scheme is a major stepping stone in building our future champions. Since a sport builds character, increases confidence and motivates youths, we are confident that with this collaboration with SportMalta, we are making a positive contribution towards the future of our community.”
Mark Cutajar explained in detail how the scheme shall operate. ‘We are honoured that that a company of the stature of  BOV choose to team up with SportMalta to finance this scheme. Sportmalta continuously supports our young athletes since this means an investment in our country,’ said Mr Cutajar. He mentioned that the Regulatory Department is also currently holding discussions with the Malta Olympic Committee to further invest in our youths as preparation to the Small Nations Games to be held in 2023. ‘We understand that young athletes face financial difficulties to participate in international competitions, however these are essential in gaining valuable experience that will help them advance in their sporting career.’

More info about the new scheme: CLICK HERE

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