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Joseph Scicluna wins first ASMK Enduro at Ta Qali.

The ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2016/2017 National Autocross Championship will be launched on Sunday 20th November 2016 at the ASMK Race Complex at Ta Qali. This year the Autocross Championships are divided into three classes, that for the Modified cars, for the Super Cars and for a Standard Class.


This Sunday’s program is to include a Holy Mass which is held annually in the month of November. Holy Mass is said to remember the deceased ASMK members and relatives who entered eternity. Holy Mass which is said by the ASMK Spiritual Director starts at 10: 00am and then the first Autocross races for the follows soon after a short break.

Meanwhile, on Sunday 13th November 2016 ASMK launched the Enduro 2016/2017 Championship which is supported by Dunlop Tyres and Pasta Poiatti. On this very first event held at the ASMK premises, 25 Enduro riders were registered in the two highly competitive classes, that of Class A for riders on motorcycles having an engine capacity up to 250cc and those in Class B where motorcycles with the larger capacity ranging from 251cc and over.

This 3,5kilometers long Enduro race track was welcomed by all. The natural obstacles contained water pools while the man-made obstacles ranged in a large variety of obstacles where the riders had to exercise their skills to obtain high rankings.


In Class B Joseph Scicluna on a KTM and James Zahra on a Yamaha dominated the result scale during the Pole Position. The First Heat showed Bernard Sammut on a KTM and Gary Debono on Sherco challenging the placing of Zahra and Scicluna where Zahra later managed to go to the lead by a small margin, that of 0.01 second advantage on the time of Scicluna. Both Zahra and Scicluna were always followed by Debono and Sammut in the results list.

The Second and Final Heat was also a tough one for both Scicluna as well as to Zahra due to the fact that Matthew Gauci on a Sherco registered the best time before Scicluna and Zahra performed and run their 2nd and Final Timed Run with a chance of improving on their previous recorded lap times. Soon later Joseph Scicluna managed to register a lap time of 3 minutes 36.76 seconds thus ahead of Gauci with his time of 3 minutes 39.48 seconds and Zahra finished in third place with his best time of 3 minutes 39.76 seconds.


In Class B, Debono Elvin on a KTM dominated the day with his first Heat by registering a best time of 4 minutes 11.50 seconds. This has placed Debono on the Podium of Class A and winning the Under 250cc Class. Debono was followed by Nigel Anastasi and Clayton Schembri both on KTM motorcycles. Anastasi finished in second place with his best lap time of 4 minutes 13.37 seconds. Schembri is third placed with his best time of 4 minutes 17.11 seconds.

Meanwhile, ASMK would like to inform all interested in this sport that the next Enduro event for dirt-track riders including non-ASMK members is scheduled to take place on Sunday 4th December 2016. The location will be announced later on this month. Further information including results and much more can be found in the website of the Association or in the Facebook pages named A.S.M.K. Malta or Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can make contact by the email

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