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“Assoċjażżjoni Sport Muturi u Karożżi” (ASMK) is opening the 2016/2017 season by a Trials event on Sunday 30th October 2016 taking place at the Motorsport Track at Ta’ Qali which is again sponsored by Pasta Poiatti.


This season is to include six (6) races by the Enduro motorcycle bikers and eight (8) events by the Trials motorcycles. Almost all such competitions will be taking place outside the ASMK Sports Association Complex. Also, ASMK will be running an eight (8) Motocross events championship together with 12 championship events for the Autocross cars in a Standard, Modified and a Super Class which is being launched as from this year.

The 2016/17 launching event of Sunday 30th October will be for the Trials Section which following the success of last season, the Association will continue supporting and running these events in a Championship form. The Association is bound to continue exploring new sites for the Trials and Enduro riders championship events which are both attractive and competitive. The new locations are made possible thanks to several quarry owners who are cooperating with ASMK to hold these events in their locations.


On Saturday the Trials committee under the leadership of Manuel Camilleri will be locating the equipment for the Sunday Trials sections at the ASMK Sports Complex at Ta’ Qali. Registration is open on Sunday morning at 9: 00am while the competitive Trials riding competition starts at 10.00am. All registered competitors will be divided in two classes: – Class A is for the more experienced and skilled riders while the Class B is for Riders who are less experienced including Beginners in this sport.

Meanwhile the association is currently ongoing preparatory work to renovate the Autocross track and to re-design a new style Motocross track. The Executive Committee approved these two projects earlier this summer but unfortunately the tracks reconstruction progress was laid back due to the high summer temperatures and the severe drought which results in an almost impossible situation to construct the new dirt tracks surfaces.

Although the association planned to start the cars events on 6th November this date could be postponed for another day when all tracks layouts have been completed. More news and  information about this date will be given in the coming days.

With regards to the new Motocross track layout the competitors will again be seeing Mr. Angelo Chinquemani a Sicilian motocross track building expert in Malta. He will be personally driving the heavy machinery and be building the new Motocross track at Ta Qali. This is the third time that Mr Chinquemani is engaged in such a project by the ASMK Executive Committee who decided in favour of such an ambitious project. Mr Chinquemani is expected to be in Malta on the 12th November and is to commence work on the following day. This project is expected to last in 10 days time.

Further information can be found in the website of the Association name  and on the Facebook pages named A.S.M.K. Malta and Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can make contact by email on

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