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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

William Chetcuti won the Independence Day Trophy, beating Nathan Lee Xuereb in the Gold Medal Match with the score of 29/30+2 to 29/30+1.

After the semi-final, William Chetcuti advanced to the Gold Medal Match with the score of 28/30 while Nathan Lee Xuereb and Gianluca Chetcuti had tied scores of 27/30.

In the shoot-off to decide who will go for Gold, Xuereb came on top with the score of 27/30+12 to Chetcuti’s score of 27/30+11.

Gianluca Chetcuti went on to win the Bronze Medal Match vs. Johann Xuereb with the score of 27/30 to 25/30.

The top five qualifying scores were;

1st William Chetcuti 135/150

2nd Nathan Lee Xuereb 141/150

3rd Gianluca Chetcuti 133/150

4th Johann Xuereb 118/150

5th Liam Sciberras 97/150

In the meantime, at the Southern Shooting Club the top three overall winners of the Independence Day Trophy in the Down the Line Event (Dritta) were;

1st Andy Spiteri 25/25

2nd Bertu Galea 24/25

3rd Alan James 23/25



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