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The competition held on two days started on Saturday with three rounds and finished to-day Sunday 28th August with another 50 clays, with the best six shooters shooting another 16 clays in the semifinals and the best two shooting the Gold/Silver Medal Match and the third and fourth competing in the Bronze Medal Match

On Saturday Clive Farrugia led the pack with 73/75, after shooting a perfect straight of 25 and a couple of 24’s in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. On Sunday he continued with his performance to shoot another two perfect scores of 25 clays each to finish his score on 123/125. To win ist place in class A. @nd Place finished Jason Agius when he shot 112/125. In Class B Jason Sciberras won !st place when he bettered on count back Edwin Zammit after they both had shot 108/125.

The other two shooters that made it in the semifinals were Darren Vella and Joe Muscat who had shot 109 and 110 respectively.

In the semifinal Clive Farrugia and Joe Muscat both shot 15/16 targets, Jason Scberras and Edwin Zammit both shot 12/16, while Darren Vella scored 11/16 and Jason Agius scored 10/16 to finish 5th and 6yh overall respectively.

In the Bronze Medal Match Edwin Zammit shot 13/16 to beat Jason Sciberras who had shot 11/16, thus stepping on the podium in 3rd place.

In the Gold / Silver Medal Match, Clive Farrugia who has been assisted by coach Jimmy Bugeja, kept his pace by shooting 13/16 while Joe Muscat managed 8/16, thus finishing in 1st and 2nd place overall.

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