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On Saturday 30th July 2016 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will be holding a special event for the Autocross cars at the ASMK Sports Complex in Ta’ Qali. This ‘once a year’ Endurance Race starts at 8: 30pm where again the cars will be racing under artificial lighting in a ‘One Hour plus One Lap’ “Endurance Race”. The winner of this race is the one who manages to cover the highest number of laps during this time.

Karmenu Mifsud fuq IMP

In last year’s edition 89 Laps were recorded and registered in Malta Records on the Association Autocross track. Yet in the 2014 edition 94 Laps were recorded by Em. Muscat on an Opel Corsa. All competitors are well preparing their vehicles to last this prestigeous race and hope to beat this 2014 record which currently is the longest race on track with cars in Malta.

Ian Fenech fuq Citroen AX

For this edition the registration period is closed yet 8 teams have registered to participate next Saturday 30th. The teams are made by Ian Fenech and Sacha James who will be competing on a Citroen AX, Quinn Camilleri and Rodner Bianco on a Peugeot 106, Angelo Galea and Dexter Bianco on a Peugeot 106, Carlo Mifsud and Darren Magro on Ford Fiesta, Rennie Sciberras on a Honda Civic, Carmelo Mifsud and Glenn Mifsud on a Hillman Imp, Katrina Zammit and Keith Micallef on a Renault 5 Campus and Brandon Lee Vassallo and Dennis Vassallo on a Peugeot 205.

Katrina Zammit fuq Renault 5

It appears that to date there is no activity of this kind recorded in Maltese Motorsport. For this event the eight participating vehicles will be driven by two drivers per car and assisted by two helpers and a mechanic in the paddocks. The race will be controlled under strict regulations that each competitor must follow carefully as a number of Laps will be deducted instead of the usual penalty points for any infringement or foul play during the One Hour Race.

Meanwhile, the Association is currently preparing to hold the 2016 Annual General Meeting at the Hal-Kirkop Sports Complex with kind permission of Sport Malta. This AGM will be held on Friday 5th August 2016 from 8.00pm.

During this General Meeting the Association among other issues will be closing the 2015/2016 financial year under the management of the new Treasurer Mr. Manuel Camilleri who was elected in power in December 2015. The AGM will be confirming the posts of Vice-President, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer together with the Committee Officers for the Autocross, Motocross, the Enduro and Trials clubs within the association. Each section has to elect a maximum of five (5) persons in the posts of Section President, Secretary, Treasurer and two Representatives for each section. Today the various Sections have a very important independent function within the respective sections and assist the Executive Committee for the best rulings that have to be taken from time to time. Also the AGM will be presenting some Amendments to the ASMK Statute and a General Referendum issue which is being proposed and presented as a General matter to take place in the near future.

On Monday 25th July the Executive Committee approved a set of New Autocross Rules for the 2016/2017 ASMK-Pasta Poiatti Championships for the Autocross sections entering into force next October. As announced earlier this year and during the last championship season ASMK will be introducing the start of a new Autocross category named as ‘Super Class’. This class is aimed for 1421cc race cars with their engines, transmission and brakes being modified according to the driver’s desires and skills without any other restrictions except those pertaining safety of driver and others on track.

This category is being added to the other two already existing and very popular Autocross classes namely that for the Autocross Modified and that for the Autocross Standard Class. This new ‘Super Class’ is aimed for use for those who want to race on an unlimited budget whereas the Modified class is aimed for those spending a limited budget on car racing while the Standard class is designed for racers on a tight low budget car. All these categories will be racing a National Championship for each category. Copies of these new rules and the Revised/Up-dated rules can be found for download in the website of the Association named

For more information one can visit the ASMK Official website  or the Facebook social site maned ‘A.S.M.K. Malta’ or by email:-

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