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A two month campaign promoting sport and physical education in all Maltese and Gozitan schools reached its climax as the programme ‘summer on the Move’ opened its doors in the last few days. The programme will end in September.

The main objective of this programme is to attract as many children, youth and adults as possible towards physical activity during the summer months where normally most have some more extra free time during this period.

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This programme is an extension to the campaigns Be Active and Move that started some months ago so as to continue increasing participation and influence people’s perception in viewing sports as a means to live a better life.

For the first time the programme Summer on the Move reached its maximum capacity weeks prior to its starting date due to the fact that the sports activities are being offered at numerous centres spread around Malta and Gozo thus making the programme even more accessible.

Moreover the increase in the financial backing to this programme has made it possible for SportMalta to maintain low and affordable prices for everyone consequently embracing the inclusion of all alike.

All coaches engaged by SportMalta to lead this programme are qualified, dedicated and passionate about their work providing added value to the programme. Furthermore even the helpers engaged to assist the coaches are students specialising the field of sports enhancing even further the service offered to SportMalta’s clients.

Apart from the sport discipline itself coaches make sure that they guide the participants and impart information on the importance of a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and protecting oneself from the sun by using adequate protection.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Sports visited one of these centres and stated that this is another initiative towards encouraging an active Maltese society with the aim of reducing obesity in our country. He emphasised the fact that every citizen should realise that a sedentary life accompanied by an unhealthy diet can seriously jeopardise one’s health. He praised SportMalta for contributing to change this mentality.

Luciano Busuttil, Chairman of SportMalta stated that this was the first time that bookings for the programmes reached saturation point and SportMalta had to close its booking system with the record participation reaching a staggering 2600 participants. He also remarked that as from this year more disciplines were offered.


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