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During this scholastic year SportMalta in collaboration with the Directorate Health Promotion and Disease Prevention launched ‘Schools on the Move’ in a number of schools. The project is aimed at teenage girls mainly to encourage them to be more active during the recreation sessions. Dance coaches from SportMalta visited the schools and introduced an activity “Dance Fitness” to a group of students. However the pilot project also trained team leaders so that the exercise routine  would still be held even in the absence of the coaches guidance.

As a matter of fact the “Schools on the Move” programme provides the necessary tools to the students to become independent and physically active during their free time. Moreover the project addresses bullying and peer pressure that can be addressed through physical activity resulting in unity and solidarity amongst the team.

To assure a successful outcome of this project SportMalta is currently holding a number of seminars for the team leaders do that they will be fully prepared to continue the programme in the upcoming scholastic year in October. On the otherhand SportMalta coaches will enlarge the programme by introducing it in more schools so that ultimately “Schools on the Move’ will be in all the schools across Malta and Gozo.


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