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The ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 National Championships of the Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi came to an end on Saturday 18th June 2016 with the participation of three sections. The Trials and Motocross sections opened the program late in the afternoon while the Autocross races were run until late in the summer night under artificial lighting. For this activity recorded a 41 competitors divided into three sections.

Paul Muscat fuq KTM rebbieh tal-gurnata

Meanwhile a slight look at what happened during the evening where we saw the Modified and Standard cars sections in competition for the day and for the Championships placings. This attracted the spectators present in an eventful atmosphere of fast sporty driving by almost all competitors. In both categories nobody managed to win all the Heats of the evening as competition was extremely high. Yet JeanPaul Grech on a modified Peugeot 106 managed to win two Heats and a 2nd place in the third Heat. Grech was the only driver who collected the highest points during the Qualifications and secured his place in the A finals of the day. Johnson Gordon also qualified together with Joseph Micallef both on a Opel Corsa, the Vauxhall Nova of Andrew Pisani, Josef Abela on an Opel Nova and Josef Grech on a Ford Fiesta.

Chrisitan Mark Galea fuq Fiat Ritmo

From the Start of this Race Final we saw Johnson speeding up and taking the lead by the first corner though he started from the outermost part of the track. Together with Johnson Micallef followed close by ahead of the rest four competitors. Soon the attention was placed on both Grech brothers and Abela who was about to take 3rd place on the track. Suddenly a contact happened between Abela and Grech (Josef) which resulted in Abela to withdraw from racing. This also resulted in the Grech brothers to continue battling between them and attracting the spectators. It took 6 Laps for JeanPaul Grech to beat his brother Josef while both brothers were driving their cars to the limit. This Final A Race ended with Micallef withdrawing from the race final due to a technical malfunction. Gordon registering the fourth win of the season in the last six events. JeanPaul Grech finished in 2nd place and ahead of Pisani. Fourth place was won by Josef Grech while Micallef had to be content with fifth place.

Paul Muscat fuq KTM

Meanwhile the ASMK Board of discipline has upheld the result of Abela in this final following an anti-sports action on another driver while race was in progress. In the coming days the Board will be hearing and studying facts and decide accordingly on this case.

Joseph Micallef rebbieh fil-kategorija Autocross B

The Class B Final qualified drivers were Dorian Galea on a Fiat Ritmo, Terence Azzopardi on an Opel Corsa, Karl Micallef, Jonathan Vella and Godfrey Gauci all on a Ford Fiesta each and the Opel Corsa of Christian Mark Galea. From the Start of this final Christian Galea together with Gauci were seen taking the first two positions followed by Azzopardi and Micallef respectively. Shortly after the third Lap field leader Galea was forced to retire due to technical malfunction. Instantly Gauci took over the lead while being followed by Azzopardi and Micallef. During the sixth Lap Gauci’s car developed a fault in a front wheel and Micallef took the chance to advance and take the lead but unfortunately during this action Micallef made contact with Gauci as both were very close to each other and Micallef ended overturned. As a precaution and for security reasons the race was stopped by the referee. According to the race rules this resulted in Result to Stand. Thus, Gauci was declared as race winner followed by Azzopardi and Micallef. Fourth place was won by Dorian Galea ahead of his brother Christian M Galea.

Ian Scicluna fuq Gas Gas rebbieh fil-kategorija Trials B

The Autocross Standard Class qualifiers were Johann Vella on an Opel Nova, Farrugia Deane, Melvin Buttigieg and Ian Fenech each on his Citroen AX and Nicvich Chircop on a Peugeot 206. From the Race Start of this final Farrugia was seen to take the lead followed by Fenech and Buttigieg. After the first Lap Chircop drew the attention of all present as he was chasing on Vella but suddenly there was a contact between Chircop on Vella which resulted in Chircop being Black flagged and Vella abandoning the race. As the race progressed Deane Farrugia won this Final followed by Fenech and Buttigieg. Vella was placed in fourth place.

Damon Bonello fuq Gas Gas Campjin fil-kategorija Nazzjonali Trials   Deane Farrugia fuq Citroen AX Campjin fil-kategorija Nazzjonali Autocross Standard

Meanwhile after the final race was over Chircop requested the Administration to review the accident and the decision taken by the Referee. After seeing several video clips from different locations and the Board members considered all the facts about the cause of the incident they found that the reason of the incident was due to an action made by Vella. So, the committee decided to withdraw the suspension on Chircop and warn Vella for his action. Chircop was placed in fifth place.

Christian Mark Galea Campjin fil-kategorija Nazzjonali Autocross

Earlier in the program the Motocross and Trials riders competed in different locations. The Motocross organized a 20 minutes Open race where competitors could participate with any kind of motorcycle. This race was held by the section as a part of the day’s program due to the fact that the Motocross Championship was closed in the previous event before this. Meanwhile the Race Winner of this Open Fun Race is Paul Muscat on a KTM followed by Ryan Faenza and Paul Deguara both on a Yamaha and by William Sant on Honda.

Bernard Sammut fuq Gas Gas

On this same day the Trials Section organised their last event of the 2015/2016 Championship. In Class A we saw Damon Bonello on a Gas Gas Trials Bike to continue making beautiful displays of motorcycle control over all obstacles and dominate this class. During the day’s competition Damon made two Clean sections of the six sections of the day. Bonello finished the day with only 13 penalty points and was declared outright winner of the day and of the Championship too. Damon was followed by Joseph Scicluna on a Gas Gas who closed the day with 31 penalty points. Third place finisher is Rowen Bonello on Beta motor with a single penalty point more than that of Scicluna.

In Class B the competition for the lead was between Ian Scicluna and Bernard Sammut both on a Beta motorcycles. During the six sections Scicluna was always seen the ahead of Sammut but during the last sixth section Scicluna lost the little advantage he gained earlier Sammut and both finished the day with the same total of (38) penalty points. Third placed finisher is Manuel Camilleri on a Gas Gas who closed the day with 49 penalty points.

Following each event the ASMK Officers held a presentation of trophies on site to the day’s winners as well as the winners of various championships among cheers from other drivers and fans. The Official Championship Winners celebrations for the various ASMK champions will be taking place on another day which will be announced later on.

The Champions and Runner-up’s of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 season are:-


National Autocross Modified Class

Champion – Mark Christian Galea on a Fiat Ritmo

Runner-Up – Malcolm Borg on an Opel Corsa


Autocross Modified Class A

Winner – Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat Ritmo

Runner-Up – Gordon Johnson on an Opel Corsa


Autocross Modified Class B

Winner – Joseph Micallef on an Opel Corsa

Runner-Up – Jonathan Camilleri on an Opel Corsa


National Autocross Standard Class

Champion – Deane Farrugia on a Citroen AX

Runner-Up – Ian Fenech on Citroen AX


National Motocross Class A

Champion – Clayton Camilleri on a KTM

Runner-Up – Kyle Camilleri on a KTM


Motocross Class B and Motocross Open Class

Winner – Mario Cauchi on a Honda

Runner-Up – Etienne Bigeni on a Honda


National Enduro Class

Champion – Matthew Gauci on a Yamaha

Runner-Up – Joseph Scicluna on a KTM


National Trials Class A

Champion – Damon Bonello on a Gas Gas

Runner-Up – Rowen Bonello on a Beta


Trials Class B

Winner – Ian Scicluna on a Beta

Runner-Up – Manuel Camilleri on a Gas Gas


Meanwhile the Association currently welcomes suggestions for amendments in the regulations of each sport discipline. One can approach an officer or submit his suggestions by email  More information is found in the official website of the Association or the social site on Facebook called ASMK Malta or by email






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