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On Saturday 4 June 2016 Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi successfully organized the first night event of this season with the participation of the Autocross cars and Motocross Motorcycles. During this evening the ASMK organized the eleventh program of the ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 National Championships which also brought to an end the National Motocross Championship.

Mario Cauchi fuq Honda flimkien ma Jetro Sant fuq Yamaha

Meanwhile a slight look on the day where 40 competitors registered for this Night event. The program started with the Motocross Motorcycles late in the afternoon where in Class A we saw Mario Cauchi on a Honda motorcycle competing and dominating this class in both Heats. During the racing Heats Cauchi was always followed by David Dimech on a Kawasaki motorcycle. It was noted the loss of participation of Camilleri brothers in this final competition. Nevertheless Clayton Camilleri on KTM was declared National Motocross Championship Champion for 2015/2016. He registered his ten times Championship win on a KTM and ahead of his brother Kyle Camilleri. For the next season we will be seeing for the first time ever the Camilleri brothers running numbered 1 and 2 for Clayton and Kyle respectively.

Louis Debono fuq Kawasaki

In Class B we saw an interesting battle for the lead between Jethro Sant and Gozo rider Robert Spiteri both on Yamaha motorcycles. Although during the two Heats Sant always managed to beat Spiteri in the start yet the latter always made his very best and ended the race ahead of Sant. Spiteri won the highest score and finished the day ahead of Sant and Paul Deguara on a Honda. Fourth place was won by Peter Lee Sammut on a KTM.

Keith Borg fuq Vauxhall Nova ma genb James Micallef fuq Opel Corsa segwieti min Joseph Micallef fuq pel Corsa

In the Open Class for Motocross Mario Cauchi on his Honda registered a third consecutive win of this season in this category. Cauchi was followed by David Dimech on a Kawasaki while third place finisher was Robert Spiteri on a Yamaha.

Keith Borg fuq Vauxhall Nova ma genb James Micallef fuq Opel Corsa segwieti min Joseph Micallef fuq pel Corsa

Later on and at about 8: 00pm the Autocross Modified class began their racing under artificial lighting and with their rear lights switched on for safety reasons. Here we saw Borg Malcolm and Gordon Johnson both on Opel Corsa cars dominate the Heats of the day and earning the highest qualifying score points to secure their place in the final A category. Other qualified drivers were Andrew Pisani and Josef Abela both on Opel Nova cars, Karl Micallef on a Ford Fiesta and Jean Paul Grech on a Peugeot 106. Right from the Start of this final we saw Micallef and Johnson offset the rest right to the first corner but it was Johnson who took the lead followed close by Micallef. Soon the focus has gone on Grech who was in third place and followed very close by Abela and Pisani. Those of the latter placing have been putting pressure on Grech but he defended his placing until the end. This race was exciting right through the Nine Laps. This race final ended with Johnson winning his third race. He was followed by Micallef and Grech. Fourth and Fifth places were awarded to Abela and Pisani.

Karl Micallef fuq Ford Fiesta segwiet min Matthew Borg fuq Fiat Ritmo u Jonathan Vella fuq Ford Fiesta

The Modified Final Class B drivers were Joseph Micallef and Jonathan Camilleri both on an Opel Corsa, the Ford Fiesta of Ryan Scicluna, Matthew Borg on a Fiat Ritmo, Josef Grech on a Ford Fiesta and Keith Borg on a Vauxhall Nova. At the Start we saw Borg taking the lead first and just before the first corner. He was followed by Grech and Camilleri but Camilleri soon after the first lap started falling back because of some technical malfunction which resulted in the rest of the competitors each advancing one position ahead. There were no overtaking during the rest of the race laps and the race finished with Borg taking the Finish Flag first and followed by Grech and Micallef. Scicluna and Borg finished in fourth and fifth places respectively.

_MG_1684 copy

In the Autocross Standard Category we have seen a continuous fight between 12 competitors. It seems that as more time is passing on this class the more this class grows stronger race after race. Ian Fenech on a Citroen AX was protagonist during the Heats of the day where he won all the three Race Heats and secured his place in the Race Final for this category. Together with Fenech there were also Melvin Buttigieg on a Citroen AX, Johann Vella on Opel Nova, Traydon Bailey on Ford Ka and Karl Scicluna on a Peugeot 106. With the Start signal of this race final we saw Scicluna and Bailey to take the lead at the front. They were followed by Gozo driver Vella on his Nova. Yet the attention was drawn on the last two drivers who were Fenech and Buttigieg who were adding pressure on their respective opponents ahead. Buttigieg managed to pass Vella who was also under pressure from Fenech. Later Fenech made an un-sporty move on Vella for which he was Warned by the day’s Referee which cost him a loss of championship points. Though Vella continued racing for a while from the point of the accident he soon decided to retire from the race and drove slowly to the paddock. Fenech went on with his race but before the end of the race he managed to beat Buttigieg and Bailey. In the mean time Scicluna reached the Finish Flag securing his race win ahead of Fenech and Bailey. Fourth place was awarded to Buttigieg and Vella who finished in fifth place.

Meanwhile, the Association is currently preparing for the twelfth and last National Autocross Championship event by ASMK and Pasta Poiatti for 2015/2016. This event will again be held under Artificial Lights on Saturday evening 18th June 2016. For more information one can visit the website of the Association or the social site Facebook called ASMK Malta or email

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