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Five athletes from Team Noel won their match in the latest edition of Gladiators Night for amateurs athletes.



The gala had 18 matches in the disciplines of Kickboxing, K1 and Boxing. The matches have been sanctioned by the Matla Boxing Association (MBA) and the Malta Kickboxing Association (MKBA). Since athletes are newcomers they all had to wear protective equipment. Brent Spiteri wins his match in Boxing. His height was an advantage to keep the distance and to gain points with strong punches with the rear arm. In the second round Spiteri scored an Upper Cut which knock down the Boxer leading to the opposing coach to throw in the towel.

Shalom Mercieca wins his first Kickboxing match with points. Mercieca pressed immediately into the corners. In the second round he gained points with a Knock Down by an attack on the legs. The last round was a balanced one with counter attackes from both sides. Samuel Andolina dominated all rounds by gaining points with each attack. Andolina’s technique was to circle the athlete and evade strikes for a counterattack. His attacks where a mixture of everything to distract the opponent and win the match by unanimous decision.

Salvatore Santangelo had a hard match in Kicboxing and kept head to head with the attacks. Both kickboxer continued so until the third match where Santangelo pressed the opponent into a corner more than once. Team Noel’s athlete wins the match by points.Aiden Borg Catania wins his first K1 match with an athlete seven years older. Borg kept on a continuous attack and closed with knee strikes for points. His technique was better than the other a counter attack after the other. Borg wins the mathc with unanimous decision by the jury.

Other athletes from Team Noel who took part in the Kickboxing were Rit Spiteri and Zslot Tsuke. The latter is 49 years old and shows that there is no age to practice this sport and also compete on amateur level. Part of the revenue went to Puttinu Cares. The next activity for Team Noel’s athletes will be Gladiators Night XIII for National Titles. For the first time the main match will be between female athletes in Boxing.

For more information visit the Facebook page of Gladiators Promotions or contact Master Noel Mecieca on 79208283


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