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Division One – Kalkara St Joseph v Gudja POs Bar A 7-1


Kalkara St Joseph became national champions for the first time after their 7-1 win over Gudja POs Bar A on game-week 20. The reds were determent to ensure this historical championship by starting this match with all guns blazing as they raped up this encounter very quickly as they took a 6-0 lead in no time in which only two legs were lost. Wins coming from Mario Aquilina, Andy Keen, Gordon Stanmore, Chris Cohen, Martin Vella and Keen/Stanmore in the doubles. Joseph Muscat ensured the away team do not end up on the end of a whitewash as he defeated Charles Ghiller in the seventh game but the last game went with the home team again with Emmanuel Ciantar/Bev Keen winning in the doubles.


On behalf of the Malta Darts Association we would like to congratulate Kalkara St Joseph on winning this honour.



Division 1 (WK 20)

Hamrun Education Bar A vs Bormla Bocci Club A 2-6
Kalkara St Joseph vs Gudja P.O.’s Bar A 7-1
B`Kara Juventus Vero Amore vs B`Bugia Cox Sports Club A 5-3
Marsa St Michaels vs Floriana Ajax A 4-4


Division 2 (WK 21)

Bormla Bocci Club B vs Hamrun Education Bar B 1-7
Mosta Bocci Club vs Gudja P.O.’s Bar B 1-7
Floriana Ajax B vs Fgura Xuereb Installation 4-4
B`Bugia Cox Sports Club B vs Zejtun Beland Bullseye 3-5
Zejtun Juventutis Domus vs Cospicua Rangers 4-4
Bugibba Munchies Pub vs Mosta Horseshoe Bar 0-8



Division 1 (WK 20)


1st Kalkara St Joseph – 55 points; 2nd Marsa St Michaels – 48 points; 3rd Floriana Ajax A –36 points; 4th Bormla Bocci Club A – 33 points; 5th Gudja POs Bar A – 22 points; 6th Birzebbugia Cox Sports Club A – 20 points; 7th Hamrun Education Bar A, Birkirkara Juventus Vero Amore – 8 points



Kalkara St Joseph – Champions.

Hamrun Education Bar A & Birkirkara Juventus Vero Amore – Relegated.


Division 2 (WK 21)


1st Mosta Horseshoe Bar – 61 points; 2nd Gudja POs Bar B – 50 points; 3rd Zejtun Beland Bullseye – 45 points; 4th Zejtun Juventutis Domus – 36 points; 5th Bugibba Munchies Pub – 32 points; 6th Floriana Ajax B – 29 points; 7th Cospicua Rangers, Fgura Xuereb Installations – 22 points; 9th Hamrun Education Bar B – 20 points; 10th Mosta Bocci Club – 18 points; 11th Bormla Bocci Club B – 11 points; 12th B`Bugia Cox Sports Club B – 5 points.



Mosta Horseshoe Bar – Champions & Promoted.

Gudja POs Bar B – Promoted.


5th/6th May 2016

Division 1 (WK 21)

Bormla Bocci Club A vs Kalkara St Joseph
B`Kara Juventus Vero Amore vs Hamrun Education Bar A
Gudja P.O.’s Bar A vs Marsa St Michael
B`Bugia Cox Sports Club A vs Floriana Ajax A


Division 2 (WK 22)

(05/05) Gudja P.O.’s Bar B vs B`Bugia Cox Sports Club B
Hamrun Education Bar B vs Floriana Ajax B
Fgura Xuereb Installation vs Zejtun Juventutis Domus
Zejtun Beland Bullseye vs Bugibba Munchies Pub
Cospicua Rangers vs Mosta Horseshoe Bar
Mosta Bocci Club vs Bormla Bocci Club B
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