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On Sunday 24 th April 2016 Assoċjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Kaorozzi organized nineth championship event from ASMK Pasta Poiatti 2015/2016 Championship. The day’s programm included Autocross cars and Motocross Motorcycles where 42 competitors regiistered for the day’s event .

Meanwhile in the Autocross section we had seen both the Standard Class together with the Modified classes A and B. In the Autocross Modified class nno one competitor won all the Heats of the day though there was great competition between Andrew Pisani on an Opel Nova and Josef Grech on a Fiesta. Both were the favorites of the day. Other drivers who qualified for this Class A were Christian Mark Galea on a Fiat Ritmo, Borg Malcom and Gordon Johnson both on an Opel Corsa and Ivan Birmingham on Suzuki Swift.

Right from the Start of the Final Class A we saw Galea making a very good launch and right by the first corner he had already developed a competitive advantage. Galea left behind him Johnson and Grech battling for second place until after the second corner there was a contact between two cars which was out of the vicinity of the referee. This resulted into a collision on track between the rest of the finalists.  This resulted bad to Borg and was forced to retire as he found himself face to face with Johnson’s car as well as with several tires on track as a result of the accident. The race final continued with Galea taking the Finish Flag followed by Grech and Pisani. Birmingham finished in fourth place followed in fifth place by Johnson.

For final Class B starters were Jean Paul Grech on a Peugeot 106, Jonathan Camilleri and Joseph Micallef both on an Opel Corsa, Christian Apap on a Fiesta Ford, Keith Borg on an Opel Nova and Noel Zammit on a Fiat Punto.  From the Start Line we saw Micallef and Grech taking the lead ahead of the rest with Micallef taking the lead after the first corner. Grech and Borg followed Micallef’s lead. During the Final race all competitors defended and kept their placing right to the Finish Line. This resulted in Micallef winning another B Final. He was followed by Grech and Borg and Zammit and Camilleri followed in 4th and 5th places respectively.

In Autocross Standard Quin Camilleri on a Citroen won all the Heats and secured his place in the Final Race. Yet he was forced to retire as during the third Heat he twice fould other drivers on track. This resulted in Camilleri being shown the Black Flag as per the ASMK Rules which state the a 2nd Waring in the same heat will result into a Black Flag.  The Referee was forced to report the driver’s adverse behavior on track to the ASMK Executive Committee. After all this matter the final for the Standard caes was composed by Terence Azzopardi on an Opel Corsa, Andreas Zammit on an Opel Nova, Traydon Bailey on a Ford Ka, Lucas Pace on a Citroen AX and Melvin Buttigieg on Citroen AX too. From the Start Pace took the laed and was followed by Zammit and Azzopardi. During this final there were no placing changes right to the Finish Line. This race Final ended with Pace registering his first win in this class followed by Zammit and Azzopardi. Bailey won fourth place.

The Motocross races were more attractive to watch more than usual as on this day there was the participation of two MX riders from Sicily Clubs. Both raced in the Motocross Class B.  Despite the cjhallenge of the foreign riders during the competition, Gozo rider Mario Cauchi on his Honda won both Heats of the day’s competition thus declared the day’swinner. Cauchi was followed in 2nd place by James Zahra on Sherco and the Sicilian Fabio Galota on a Kawasaki finished in third place. The other Sicilian Emanuele Buongiovanni on a Honda finished the day in fifth place.

In Class A the competition was mainly between Kyle Camilleri on a KTM and Trevor Muscat on a Honda. During the first heat Camilleri managed to take the lead and defended his place right to the Finish. Muscat followed in 2nd place. During the second heat of the day we saw some problems being faced by both Camilleri and Muscat. During the 2nd race Camilleri fell off his bike and Muscat took the lead until Camilleri regained back on his motorcycle and did his best to close the gap between the two. A few minutes before the Finish Muscat fell off his bike and Camilleri regained his lead in the front. Yet, a couple of laps before the Finish Camilleri’s bike developed a mechanical fault and was forced  to retire completely. Muscat soon closed the gap and took the lead again right to the Finish. The Final Result in this class registers Muscat as the winner followed by Pierre Jourdan on a KTM. Camilleri closed the day in third place.

Meanwhile the ASMK activities continue on Saturday when the TRIALS section will be organizing the seventh competition of the season sponsored by ASMK and Pasta Poaitti. This will be held on Saturday 30th April at the ASMK Sports Complex at Ta’ Qali. Racing starts at 4:00 pm.

More information is available on the website of the Association or facebook pages named A.S.M.K. Malta or Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can also make contact by email at:-

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