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On the Sunday 10th April 2016 ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ will continue the motorsport activities of the ASMK Pasta POIATTI 2015/2016 National Championship by an Enduro race for motorcycles. This event will bring the championship to the end of season. The Enduro section has already organized five activities and this Sunday will be the sixth and last event of the season where it still has to be established who will be the 2015 – 2016 ASMK Enduro Champion.

The Sunday event will be held at the ‘Barriera tas-Sejba’  limits of Mqabba from Ta Kandja. Registration opens at 9.00am while Racing in this location starts at 10:00 am. The Association would like to thank the owners of this quarry and the sponsors supporting this event including Dunlop Tyres and KTM.

Meanwhile a look at the Enduro classifications where the championship winner is still currently open.  So far the current leader in this championship is Matthew Gauci riding on a Yamaha who leads so far with 92 points. Gauci is followed close by Joseph Scicluna on a KTM motorcycle with 79 points. The order continues with 3rd placed Ian Scicluna followed in fourth place by Andrew Cassar. In Fifth and Sixth places we find Victor Bajada and Bernard Sammut respectively both riding and competing on KTM motorcycles.

Meanwhile, the Association ASMK on Sunday 3rd April 2016 continued the activities by the Trials riders at ‘il-Barrier fix-Xaghra tal-Qaduma’ in the limits Mosta where ASMK staged the fifth event of ASMK – Pasta Poiatti Trials Championship for 2015/2016.

A Light look at the day’s Trials event where we see the experienced competitors in Class A. Here we saw great competition between Damon Bonello and Joseph Scicluna both on Gas Gas motorcycles. During the six sections Bonello was seen to make a good start where Scicluna had immediately started registering penalty points that prevented him from advancing in the score scale. The hope for Scicluna ended when Bonello continued advancing in the last two sections by riding the last section with a Clean result. Bonello finished as the winner of the day followed by Scicluna. Third place was won by Rowen Bonello riding a Beta motorcycle while Gary Debono this time had to be content by winning fourth place on a Sherco.

In the Class B of Trials the competition was seen between two competitors where Ian Scicluna on Beta dominated and won this class. Scicluna was always followed by Manuel Camilleri on a Gas Gas  motorcycle who closed the day in second place.

Other Trials events are to be held on Sunday 17th April 2016. Further information on the location will be given soon. More information can be found in the website of the Association or in the Facebook pages named ‘ASMK Malta’ or ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi. One can also make contact with ASMK by email at:-

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