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Three athletes from Team Noel win their K1 and Boxing matches in Gladiators Night XII.

Master Noel Mercieca. the founder of Team Noel, presented a team of seven Kickboxer and Boxers to compete and represent Malta. Some of them were part of Team Malta and faced foreign athletes and brought honours to both club and Malta.

Christopher Rotin faced Antonio Junior from Portugal. At first both Kickboxers kept head to head and gaining points. Rotin repeatedly struck Junior with a Jumping Spinning Back Kick and got a Knock Down as well in the second half on the Portuguese. The jury gave the victory to Rotin by points.

The giants match was between Clayton Desira and Roman Varvariuc from Portugal. Desira attacked immediately and repeatedly hit the Portuguese the knee. The Maltese kept o npresseing in all the rounds where he gained more points by Spinning Back Fist. It was a unanimous decision for Desira.

Jason Micallef wins by KO over Luke Hewitt from England in Boxing. Micallef started to use its height as an advantage to strike hard and gain points. Micalledf gained a Knock Down with a count in the second half. In the last round the British get hit in the stomach and is left breathless thus ending the match.

The only rematch was a Boxing match between Diane Schembri, Team Noel, and Claire Ciantar, Lord’s Gym. Both athletes were at the same level where they kept pressing each other all the time though none took the upper hand. In the end the jury gave the match as a draw. Other club’s athletes who competed were Jesred Piscopo, Julian Mangion and Steve Leuellen.

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