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On Sunday 22 November 2015 the ‘Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi’ organized the third event of the season of the ASMK – PASTA POIATTI 2015/2016 National Championships. It consists of races by the Autocross Cars and Motocross Motorcycles. The day’s event started at 10: 00am where under a large tent erected for the occasion Mass was celebrated as is annual practice to remember former ASMK members who left this world for a better life in eternity.


A Look at the day’s event which officially opened the Motocross Championship. This year this Championship was launched later than usual because the Maltese Motocross team of this ASMK section had been preparing himself well for his first experience of racing in France earlier this month.

During the day Class A rider Clayton Camilleri on his KTM dominated the his class by winning all the  Heats while he was always been followed by his younger brother Kyle Camilleri also on a KTM of smaller engine capacity. Edward Ciantar finished in third place on his Kawasaki.


In Class B Gozo rider Mario Cauchi on a Honda dominated this class with his winnings in both Heats. Cauchi was always followed andd sometimes close behind by Elvin Debono on a Kawasaki while John Stellini also on a Kawasaki finished in third place. The ‘Open Class’ was also dominated by brothers Clayton and Kyle Camilleri.

In the Autocross Modified Cars Class Christian Mark Galea on his Fiat RITMO dominated and won all the 3 Heats on the day thus securing his place on the Class A Start Grid. Along with Galea also qualified Noel Zammit on a Fiat Punto, Malcolm Borg on his Opel Corsa, Christian Apap on his Ford Fiesta, Josef Grech also on a Ford Fiesta and Philip Joe Vella on an Opel Nova. Right from the start Vella and Galea took the helm of the race followed by Apap and Grech respectively. There were no changes in the position during this final but all the 6 drivers in competition exhibited excellent clean driving and showed that they are masters on the loose ground surface. This race ended with Vella registering his 2nd win so far followed by Galea. Apap entered in third place followed by Grech and Zammit respectively.


For the Class B Final the qualiefied drivers were Jonathan Vella on Ford Fiesta, Joseph Micallef and Jonathan Camilleri both on a Opel Corsa, Josef Abela on his Opel Nova, Delia Duncan on a Ford Fiesta and Ivan Birmingham on a Suzuki Swift. Right from the Start of this race final we saw Camilleri heading in first position while Abela and Micallef followed. The spectators attention was on Birmingham and Micallef with the latter was making pressure on Birmingham and finally Micallef succeeded in overtaking Birmingham thus gaining a position. After this move Birmingham started adding pressure on Micallef who unfortunately made contact with the tire barrier on a curve on the track and overturned his car. Although there was no room for alarm the race was Red Flagged for safety reasons. The Final ended with Camilleri winning this Class B final followed by Abela and Micallef.. Fourth and fifth place finishers were Birmingham and Vella respectively.

The Start Line of the Autocross Standard Class was composed of Traydon Bailey on a Ford Ka, Ian Fenech and Fenech Deane both on a Citroen AX, Michael Scicluna on a Peugeot 206 and Johann Vella on his Opel Nova. Starting this final we saw Fenech and Farrugia making a very good launch. Farrugia took the helm followed by Fenech. Shortly after the first lap Fenech took the lead on Farrugia who added pressure and managed to retain his lead again. Meanwhile this final race for the Standard specs cars ended with Farrugia winning ahead of Fenech. Scicluna finished in third place who was followed by by the Gozo competitor Vella in fourth place.

The ASMK events will continue next Sunday 29th November 2015 by the Trials riders on their special motorcycles. They will be riding their second competition of the tournament which is going to be organised at the closed down Quarry named ix-Xagħra tal-Maghlaq in the limits of Qrendi with beautiful scenery surrounding the place. This event starts at 9: 00am. For more information please visit the ASMK electronic site named

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