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The guidelines on the return to sport in Malta as part of the COVID-19 transition are intended for the sporting associations and athletes who fall under the supervision of SportMalta. They are based on international guidelines and scientific literature, and are in accordance with the guidance issued by the Public Health Authorities. They are intended to make sport as safe as possible while allowing athletes from a wide number of sports to return to training.

As COVID-19 restrictions are gradually relaxed, athletes, staff and other persons concerned must work together to adapt and promote safe sports practices consistent with advice from public health authorities and to ensure that venues are ready for the social distancing and correct hygiene measures that are critical to the success of the transition. Athletes and staff must prevent the transmission of COVID-19 while training, consistent with updated advice from the public health authorities. The health and safety of the athletes and staff involved is paramount, and the following guidelines are centred on ensuring that this is in no way compromised. The guidelines themselves are
subject to change based on the evolving local scenario and are in no way intended to supersede the general guidelines issued by Public Health.

Athletes, staff and others must prepare for the possibility that there will be cases of COVID-19 at the sports venue and be ready to respond immediately, appropriately, effectively and efficiently, and consistent with specific recommendations from public health authorities.


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