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Athletes forming part of Synchro Knights, an artistic swimming club, formed in 2018, have just returned to Malta from Singapore, where they participated in the 14th Open Artistic Swimming Championships 2019. The team competed in the 13-15 category in figures and solo routine and in the Juniors category with solo free and solo tech routines.

The team consisted of Davida Bonanno, Valentina Marchi and Ana Culic.

Davida Bonanno won a silver medal in the 13-15 category in her solo free routine while she ranked in 5th place out of 33 competitors in the figures competition with 63.2105 points.

Valentina Marchi and Ana Culic competed in the Juniors 15-18 category with solo routines. Valentina ranked in the 4th place with her solo free routine while Ana ranked 2nd, winning a silver medal in her solo tech routine.

The athletes were accompanied by coach Ana Ilic and FINA judge Loredana Cassone. The swimmers were prepared by the club’s coaches in recent week where they worked and trained very hard to improve their routines, which resulted in these excellent results and medals.

Synchro Knights would like to thank SportMalta for their ongoing and continuous support in setting conditions for the club and its athletes to start reaching their potential. Hard work and determination by coaching staff and the athletes are a testament to this achievement and confirms the huge potential our island has in this aquatic sport.

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